Debut Video from Hotel Eden (ex Lab Rats)

Kelly Warner is best known for being in The Lab Rats, a band that was super big in Columbus over the last few years. When that band broke up, he started the one man project Hotel Eden. He’s almost done with the first album but in the meantime he’s posted this first video:

Reminds me of recent-Era Beck if recent-Era Beck was good.

  • Roosevelt Johns

    A friend had a copy of PASTE laying at her house. One of the articles was about Kevin Barnes (Of Montreal). He was talking about he recorded with a guy for years. They sent out copies of their demo all over. Only one play replied asking for more. So they sent them and they were rejected. So Kevin, unbeknownst to his friend, sent his own stuff. The label signed him.

    This story seems prudent here. The lab rats were good, not great, but good. THIS is what Kelly is meant to do. And I agree, huge Beck feel, with some 60’s style background harmonies going on. I like it. Hope he keeps it up. Look forward to hearing the rest of the album.

  • Roosevelt Johns

    I should not type replies while drinking. sorry if you can’t understand that. i kind of left words out.

  • Zac

    Lab Rats were awesome, they played in this dingy little dive bar near my uni, years ago and i feel priveleged to have seen them live