Envelope is Not A Homophobe

Last time I wrote about Columbus rapper Envelope was a review of his release party. I put something out there that that might have sullied his image as the most likeable person in Columbus because it seemed more interesting than me repeating the press release SO..i figured he could answer any misconceptions that I may have created herre. I mean I never want to see a rapper take a dive like Greg Loughanis on my account. Just trying to keep it right.

Q.Who is that on your flyer?

A.some terrorist about to get beheaded or something. the very talented angry andy made it. hes got a knack for taste.

Q.Whats the purpose  of the usuage of disturbing imagery on a flyer?

A. confrontation? its not always a bad thing.

Q.As you know last time around I took the images from your release party and told a story about you punching someone for using the n-word. In that story I mentioned that you used a homophobic term. Idid tha that because I wanted the blood in the pictures seem more real. See I come from the school of rap that if you want to look ridicuoulous you get a chinchilla coat, and put a giant 40 pound eagle on your wrist. You rappers in costumes. I don’t get it. But in doing so I presented you as both possibly hypocritical and homophobic. I felt kinda bad about leaving you out there like that. So here is your chance. Do you hate gay people?

A. no. unless they are a shitty person. ive realised that having a semi public life and putting alot of my life in my music puts me up for criticism. so ive always strived to “live the life you write about in your songs” and not be in contradiction. with that said there is no way i cannot be a hypocrite. i liked the article. thats me. im a flaming hypocrite. growing up it was ok to say “faggot” and not ok to say “nigga”. i would never in a million years even attempt to justify that logic. when i have time to use my brain i never use the words “gay” or “faggot”. when im drunk in a fight with a man in his boxers at 4 in morning, yeah, maybe. i thought the lamest part about me in that story had more to do with my willingness to fight a perfect stranger who ends to be someone ive known for a long time and have no problem with outside that incident. but for the homophobe aspect, nope.

Q.What was that line on your song .”Yankees Vs. Clippers”  about Gay marriage?

A. The line goes, “the problem in the schools is apparhent(read: a parent)/ but they spend all their time to outlaw gay marriage/ man they hate gays, you gotta love the right/ hey republicans, tell doug priesse i said hi”.

this was around the 04 election when they had issue one on the ballot outlawing gay marriage. meanwhile our school funding is unconstitutional which has a much greater effect on society than gay marriage. also your excluding people who have the full capabillity of being good parents from having the full benefits marriage. and for irony’s sake Doug Priesse is openly gay and the head of the franklin county republican party. They hate gays so much yet they have one as a leader. In reality, that whole ballot issue was just to get the vote out for  W. Fun Fact: the guy who headed the group to outlaw gay marriage (name escapes me i know thats bad arguing) was actually divorced because of his addiction to pornography. thats sanctity.

Q.I like gays more than pornography. At least gay doods usually have girls around. Porn begats more men.

A. Yeah to much porn subtracts from your character. you can learn alot from it though. gay guys are like cultural sea gulls. you know their is something interesting nearby. was that offensive?

Q.naw. I heard my first obama joke.

A. hope is not funny.

Q.Naw worse..Did you hear they are putting Obama on currency?

A. what the five thousand dollar bill?

A.No. The Food Stamp. Now thats truely offensive. It made my jaw drop when I heard it.

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