Trailer for the New Alien Workshop Video Mindfield

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Above is the Trailer for the new Alien Workshop Video called Mindfield. It’s been 4 years since AWS last ventured into video. They always make them pretty artsy and epic. Below is a clip of skating. Cool to see people still get down to Dinosaur Jr in skate vids.

Mindfield will hit shops worldwide Feb 6, 2009.

YouTube Preview Image

Mindfield on Myspace.

  • jimi

    I think one of the reasons I skated instead of BMX is because every skate video either had Dinosaur Jr, Built To Spill, or Sonic Youth. Every Single BMX video had Hot Water Music and Appleseed Cast. Yikes. Also, I don’t know if Photosynthesis was their last video but it was one of my favorites and had my I Am Waiting as one of the songs, my favorite Stones song. That is all.

  • hey martin….fixed gears vs. bmxers…
    whats yr verdict?
    but i am with you jimi..
    skate videos almost always have good music.
    i think photosynthesis maybe the last full lenght aws video. but i think they did small sections on some other shit.

  • mneutron


    The video will be available at shops nationwide on Feb 6th. There is a premiere in Dayton on Wed Feb. 4th at the Dayton Art Institute, 7pm. I just dropped off 50 tickets at Embassy. Eric will be selling them for $5 each.

    ALSO, Dinosaur Jr. did some exclusive music for the video…..