Moral Tales Photos

Micheal “Gaybar” Carney lining up  um a, gay disco record.

Moral Tales is the new skin of Columbus future dance offering options for  the following: any lady with discerning taste; harlots that shop at both vintage stores and American Apparel; cordially mannered sociopath hustlers,; well-educated gentleman that are products of proper breeding; exquisitvely dressed nancyboys; rock n roll narcotic users; any other combination that requires both being attractive and well-versed in something . The first one installment of this monthly gala launched Last Saturday. The music provided by DJ Tru Skills, Gaybar, and DJ Detox centered around Exotic Funk, Disco, Electo and then ventured into R+B/blog house/bmore/ dance musics of the now at the end. The event’s host was a Mr. Scotty Neimat whose past endeavors include but aren’t limited toboth Sweatin Dance Party and the place Columbus DIY took root, the Neil House.

photos by danielle kline


DJ Detox. Polite societies number one dejay. MGMT/Kid Cudi/PYT/Jodeci/MIA+more.


  • Artful L.A. Dodger

    ooh, which one am i, the Cordially Sociopathic Hustler or the Exquisitely Dressed Nancyboy?

    i’m coming to the next one to find out. it was a trip even after that Skylab show.

  • weswes

    well educated gentleman that are the product of proper breeding

  • J. Atz

    exquisite + inquisitive ?= “exquisitvely”

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