The Godz/Bootlegger/Mike Rep+the Quotas/Envelope Tonight

Normally, I keep most things seperate. But tonight is pretty special. A close friend of mine, Lev’s, and his father Eric Moore are performing at Carabar. Yes, the Godz,Mike Rep,Envelope and and the Bootleggers are sharing the Carabar┬ástage. Read the article I wrote about it in the Alive. Guns and fucking roses dood.

  • LK

    So what did you think of the show?

  • i am trying to see if anyone has pictures of it before i review it with photos from my camera phone..

    did you go? what did you make of it?

  • LK

    Yes, I was there and I thought they were awesome. I stood in front of the stage the entire night. I have followed them since the early 80s when they played the Alrosa and other local clubs, and they STILL rock. It was great seeing Eric Moore again.