3 bands + 5 bones = Good deal in bad economy

Say what you will about CD101 but they do bring great deals to their listeners (and even their non-listeners) in Columbus. A couple of upcoming $5 low dough shows – particularly nice in this thing they’re calling a recession – featuring some major label bands and a couple of up-and-comers.

Wednesday night’s show at The Basement (391 Neil Ave.) features The Duke Spirit, Eulogies, and The Black Fortys and while it won’t be as wall-to-wall packed as this week’s Fallout Boy show, expect a great turnout.

Eulogies are fronted by Peter Walker who co-owns Dangerbird Records, the label responsible for Silversun Pickups, Sea Wolf, and the new Dears record among others (how’s that for indie cred?) and the band will be making their second Columbus appearance in a week having opened for Darker My Love last Wednesday at The Summit.

Peter answered some questions I sent him the other night via e-mail. Check ’em out – as well as a Eulogies video – after the jump.

Is the touring you’re doing now to support the new EP, to play markets you might have missed when touring for the first album, an opportunity to road test new material, or a combination of all of the above?

Definitely a combo job — the best part being playing in cities we have yet to visit. We’re touring in support of our EP and road testing a lot of tunes from an upcoming LP.

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of money to make in the music industry these days. Will you wind up making any money on this tour?

Probably not, although we jumped off the tour and did a show of our own in Michigan which greatly helps the balance of black and red for us.

Can you give fans an idea of what type of merch you’re selling and the general price range so that, should they be looking to pick up any holiday gifts for friends/family, they’ll know how much cash to bring to the show this Wednesday?

$5 vinyl disc EPs (this is a CD with a vinyl single on the top)!
$10 full-length debut CD
$3 7″ vinyl picture disc

Can you make any generalizations about the differences/similarities that you see in the fanbases of Darker My Love and The Duke Spirit?

We’re still getting to know both audiences, but I think the real variable is where you are – some people just like to check out new music more than others. Some people like to show support by buying a CD at a show.

I’ve had a hard time comparing Eulogies sound to other bands. What bands – if any – do you typically get compared to? What’s the most inaccurate comparison you can remember receiving?

I guess I haven’t heard any in a while, but one of the stranger ones might have been Huey Lewis.

Are the Peter Walker solo days a thing of the past or are you continually writing songs that wouldn’t work for Eulogies but would be representative of your solo material?

I have a lot of songs that never made it to the Eulogies table but I’m not sure what they have in store for themselves.

Is it hard to wear two hats – one as the singer of a band and one as the owner of a label?

Well, first of all, I’m co-owner, so that helps a bit. I keep my hats at the ready, but it’s usually my artist hat that dictates the rest. If I’m in the studio or on the road, that’s what I’m focusing on.

Ten or fifteen years ago, a label like Geffen might swoop in and buy a percentage (or all of) a label just to be able to put records by one band. Does the music industry operate this way today and if so, how many offers have you had due to the success of Silversun Pickups?

It’s something we don’t really talk about, probably because it’s not something we’re interested in.

What is your philosophy on signing bands? Are you actively looking? Do you only put out records by bands that your friends are in? If a label came along that wanted to put out a Eulogies record, would you consider that?

We’re always looking – and at the same time not at all. Sounds weird, but signing a band comes up for us pretty rarely and when it does there’s never a shortage of things to talk about. As far as the Eulogies go, I would love to release a record on another label – they’re the ones who pay for everything, right??

2009 will see a new full length from Eulogies. What are the plans surrounding that release? Will you still be looking to support more established bands or will you try a headlining tour? Will Dangerbird and/or Eulogies be leaving lasting impression at SXSW (ie – will you be doing a showcase and, if so, can you give me the scoop about Silversun Pickups potentially playing????)

Eulogies, Silversun, the One AM Radio and a handful of others will most likely play at a Dangerbird show in Austin next year. The Eulogies release will be building then, so we’re looking to support a band next spring. We’ll continue to branch off and play our own headlining shows as much as possible, as long as crazies like you are there to support us!

What do you have in store as far as Dangerbird goes for 2009?

We’re moving down the street in L.A. to some new digs. Also releasing records by Dappled Cities, Ed Laurie, Eulogies, Silversun Pickups, the One AM Radio, and there will be continued touring and recording from Sea Wolf, Darker My Love, and … more I’m sure!

Finally, not a question and I think I may have said this to you last week, but thanks for running a label that puts out such quality material (the new Dears record is amazing!).

I’m thankful to be involved. I adore that record, too!

  • Billydeewhitehall

    Show has now SOLD OUT by the way.