Saturday in Columbus: Rock Potluck

This is a fun event every year. Bands are randomly chosen and they have one day to write new material and practice for a show later that night (Saturday) at The Summit. Here’s this year’s line-up:

BAND 1 – 9:30PM

Owen Kelley (Couch Forts)
Julian Dassai (Wartime Ladies)
Matt Firth (The Exceptionals)
Max Sollisch (Our Cat Philip)
Mat Bisaro (Necropolis)

BAND 2 – 10:00PM

Sean Wright (The Stapler)
Davey Highben (AS*US)
Chris DeVille (The Kyle Sowashes)
Miles Curtiss (Marvin the Robot)
Mark Himmel (The Slide Machine)

BAND 3 – 10:30PM

Kyle Sowash (The Kyle Sowashes)
Paul Goll (Los Caminos)
Donovan Roth (Sick Thrills)
Sam Kim (Ghost Shirt)
Antonio Garza (Paper Airplane)

BAND 4 – 11:00PM

Jon Chinn (Pretty Mighty Mighty)
Lydia Loveless (Lydia Loveless)
Tyler Evans (Super Desserts)
Dan Bandman (Bookmobile)
Kenan Edler (Phantods)

BAND 5 – 11:30PM

Drew Clausen (Mors Ontologica)
Adam Smith (Dead Sea)
Megan Palmer (Megan Palmer)
Eve Searls (Bird & Flower)
Cody Smith (Two Cow Garage)

BAND 6 – 12:00AM

Will Foster (Guinea Worms)
Sarah Yetter (El Jesus De Magico)
Sean Gardner (Winter Makes Sailors)
Ryan Jewell (Terribly Empty Pockets)

BAND 7 – 12:30AM

Lara Yazvac (The Tough & Lovely)
Dave Capaldi (El Jesus De Magico)
Nick Schuld (Mr. Rubberburner)
Sam Craighead (Heavy Mole)
Brian Moore (Brainbow)

BAND 8 – 1:00AM


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