Microsoft’s Songsmith

It’s over, really. Time to take up sculpting.

More details here.

BONUS: Someone put David Lee Roth’s “Running With the Devil” through the program. Listen here.

  • slowmoriot

    kill me. oh god please kill me now.

  • meloveyoulongtime

    what the fuck? seriously what the fuck?

  • Jarod T Bone

    Maybe the worst thing I have ever seen.

  • actionman

    “Microsoft, huh? so it’s pretty easy to use?”

  • Bair

    oh sigh… killed the radio star and now computers are killing music. The horror..the horror..Does that thing come with autotune??hahahah.

  • Oh good god, that might be the worst thing I’ve heard in years. Microsoft should maybe try making a decent operating system and leave music to, well musicians.