Cool SXSW Music Info Mashup

Click here to check out a great mashup of SXSW information, pulling in data from and Youtube. Created by Paul Lamere.

I decided to deal with this problem directly – I just needed to add some context to this list – some photos, a little bio, some social tags, links to music and videos. If I had all that I could more easily pick the bands that I wanted to see. And so that’s what I did. Using’s and Youtube’s web services, I’ve created my own version of the SXSW Artist catalog that fills in all of the missing context. With the catalog, I can browse the artists alphabetically, by popularity and by tag. (continued)

  • Shawn

    This is fantastic but there are some great bands on the last two pages (with 0 listens that may be a little misleading.

    For those without accounts (like Samantha Crain, Black Joe Lewis, etc.), you should put their Myspace link up for them.

    Other than that, this is fantastic, and thank you for doing it, Paul!

  • awesome, very helpful!

  • Randy

    It’s a great list and much appreciated! There’s one problem, though: about a quarter of the YouTube links take you to places that merely sound like the band’s name (but aren’t).