Cam’ron-I Hate My Job

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The recent cover story of XXL magazine explained why no one in Dipset wants to hang out with Cam’ron. Cam had the Dips in exploitive contracts that he refused to discuss with them.  A good way to lose friends, especially if you also have penchant for divisive behaviors like prank calling 50 cent. Or getting on national TV and telling the world you wouldn’t call the police on serial killler if he lived next store to you.

The question the story couldn’t answer was:Where is Cam’ron?   Mr. Giles, normally a walking publicity stunt, has been especially silent. 

Well, looks as if  Cam  just been on the low turning in job applications because his girlfriend finds him to be a ne’erdowell.  I mean he sold Juelz Santana for 2 million dollars earlier this year so he should not be hurting for cash but who knows in this recession. 

The first verse in Cam’ron’s new video “I Hate My Job”  has Cam’ron rhyming from the perspective of his miserable girlfriend who works in a call center for 12 dollars an hour.  She woke up late, and has to deal with a know-it all boss.  Which would prolly be real annoying after dealing with Cam’ron all night. 

Second verse has Cam looking for work. He can’t get a job because alls they have to do is google him. I mean addition to being named Killa, who wants to hire a guy who got into a shoot-out with ODB, told his former boss Jay-z that he looked like a camel, was arrested in a week after 9’11 for smoking a blunt in NYC Fire Zone while repping a crew called Taliban, and made fun of Bill O’reilly for getting his start on the Current Affair tabloid TV program.

Would you hire Cam’ron to work for your landscaping company?

Third verse has Cam going home dejected and finding out the locks have been changed. His hardworking girlfriend has taken the furs and all that to Cam’s mother’s house.

So Cam is left with no crew, no girl, no job and living with his moms. So the question is no longer: Where is Cam’ron?   But whats a down & out Cam’ron to do?  My assumption is this sets up the theme for his upcoming album,, Crime Pays.

Last time Cam’ron was down & out  he moved to Columbus(what up Ohio) where he claimed to be a drug runner & a coke boss. Which is a funny idea if you think of supply and the trickle down of demand.

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