Pillow Talk: Mommy Be Good


Pillow Talk have never played a show and their recording was more or less done for no real cultural reasons. Nonetheless, Columbus Discount Records have just released their first seven inch and I’ve heard it’s getting close to being sold out. This is what they say on the CDR site:

While we working out the details of the upcoming debut LP from Deathly Fighter, the tape of this DF side project struck a chord with us so much that we sent it of to press within the next few days. Dual synths and a hardcore singer warbling with Trashmen ooo-maumau gusto, or better yet, as our own BJ Holesapple declares: “Suicide if Suicide was Flipper.” Six songs and a skit. Edition of 500.

Perverts will instantly like this, cowards will be afraid. Everyone in between will likely be hypnotized. They may have their first show soon, which will double as their seven inch release, but I wouldn’t trust anything that this band says.

MP3: Mommy Be Good

  • ” NO HIM DIDNT ”

    in assoc w/

    “a hong kong cd blowout”


  • are they still opening for Diplo

  • ramirez

    not too shabby. I would like to hear this crackle and pop on vinyl (I think that would do the ‘lead’synth more justice.
    i like th enew music player on the blog page

  • oh yeah…i heard they where opening for diplo too!
    is it true?
    ill have no prob paying 15 in that case!


    • deno

      yes i think it is true, i saw a flyer at used kids with them listed on it with adulture, if i remember.

  • jenny from the block

    these are the guys opening the diplo show?!
    that is going to be so fucking cool!
    cant wait!
    are tix on sale yet!

  • John

    I’m sorry, but that song is terrible. It is essentially a ZAS song, except in this instance Zachary realizes he can’t sing, so he just mumbles some stupid shit. I like some of the CDR bands, but can’t believe some of the shit people will buy in to just because they release it.


    I dont know john,
    i was fucking one of the pillow talk guys for a month or two, and the test press sounded pretty good.

  • wes flexner

    someone once told me fucking a hole in the wall was the same as getting pussy.
    john was that you?

    • John

      Depends on if it’s drywall or plaster.

      Other than that, I really do think this is horrible. Anyone jamming this out is more than likely doing so for the “cool factor” it provides within their group of similarly uninformed bros/brosettes.

      • Obviously taste is subjective.
        But it seems like your issue will Pillowtalk stems further than one song.

      • Obviously taste is subjective.
        But it seems like your issue with Pillowtalk stems further than one song.

        • John

          I have never heard or heard of Pillowtalk before reading this post. I agree that taste is subjective. I was merely stating my opinion. I guess I was just commenting on the fact that if this had been released by another label or by another band that was less connected with the Columbus “scene”, it may have been received differently. Maybe if they were my friends, I would be totally supportive. Maybe I am getting old and jaded. Maybe I am sitting here questioning how I could love Throbbing Gristle and not like this. Maybe I’m jealous. Maybe I’m wondering if this and the previous four sentences should end in question marks. I have to say, though, that I have had the song on repeat while writing this and it is starting to grow on me a little. Just a little. Thanks for the replies. They made me dig a little deeper than my initial knee-jerk reaction.

          • SAMMY

            … like i said, when i was fucking one of the pillow talk guys a few months back, i used to listen to the test press, like uh, all the time, you know?
            its like totally good after you hear the whole thing.
            i still think hes dreamy, evan after what he did….

          • wes flexner


            Thats fair.

            I am in to the distorted bass, and progession of the simple melody to reptitive dissonance whlle the singer sasses is out without moving his tongue.

            While noone would ever give Pillowtalk TG status… you should check out their website


            Which one would have reason to dislike as well.

  • this is amazing

  • david

    posts like this make me question donewaiting’s integrity.

    • Robert Duffy

      i appreciate that you thought we had any integritity….

  • michael mc donald

    there is a strange boy in my bed.

  • People should be stoked on the fact they are different, especially because they are from Columbus. Granted the music is probably not for some, but still im sure it is adored by others. everyone has an opinion

  • the informant

    its confirmed!
    i just got of the phone with school boy!
    you heard it here first.
    he said flyers will be out this week!

    • schoolboy


      garrett was telling me about all of this the other week

      this is hilarious
      unless pillow talk is actually adulture’s alter ego