Brian Harnetty/Bonnie Prince Billy-Sleeping the Driveway Video

Brian Harnetty is a Columbus local/ mild-mannered giant. Brian dropped an album on Altavistic awhile back called “American Winter”. “American Winter” had Harnetty sampling historic Appalachian archives from Berea College’s vaults to create new compositions that honored and echoed it’s source material while also expressing Harnetty’s own political and emotional visions.

I guess Bonnie Prince Billy was peeping game. He hooked up with Harnetty and jumped on some tracks for Brian’s upcoming album “Silent City”, out in June on Altavistic.

This first song is Sleeping in the Driveway.

  • John

    Totally fucking surreal. This is great beyond words. Even more so then the music, the video and music together. Most of that was shot in Perry County, my birthplace. The cemetery is at St. Patrick’s Catholic church in Junction City, OH, where I attended as a child. My grandparents and uncles are buried there. Most of the driving shots are along OH 13 near Somerset. Thanks for posting this.

  • Someone

    I’m sorry, I know there is a lot of hype about this from everything I’ve read and reactions from people I Know, but i find this video very boring. I guess it was made to match the song… :/