2/10 SXSW Updates

It’s getting closer, so things are starting to come up faster. Click around for info on: Idol Records Official Showcase, Space Out at the Carosoul featuring Longview and more, Bloodshot Records day show featuring Justin Townes Earle, Ha Ha Tonka +++, The Ends Records official show featuring Early Man and more, Pure Volume House RSVP (Taylor loves this event), Gorilla Vs Bear vs We Shot JR Event featuring AIDS Wolf and more.

  • the post said Longview but your tag says Longwave…which did you mean? thanks!

    • Robert Duffy

      sorry, i posted wrong originally… it is LONGVIEW

  • HeySXSW

    I never got to check out the purevolume house last year, i even when there at 3am and the lines were insane..maybe cause the free vodka..