Columbus: New Bomb Turks + Scrawl @ The Summit 2/20/09

New Bomb Turks in cause chaos

MP3: Born Toulouse-Lautrec by New Bomb Turks

New Bomb Turks still do a few shows every year, and when they happen they are always a must-see, especially in Columbus. What is making this show even more insane is that Scrawl will be playing too. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Expect a sold out show, lots of drinking, several injuries, and many many many hangovers.

Chicago Bonus: The Turks are playing the next night @ The Cobra.

UPDATE: You can get advance tickets here.

  • Iddy Fluxenn

    Classic rock. Die and be buried. Break up for good. You mattered when?

    • suebee

      Don’t go.

    • Sickofhaterz

      Who are you or anybody to decide if or when other people or their endeavors “matter”. Are you Zeus or something? Where do all you haters come from. And if you are just a troll,find some actual enthusiasm for something besides making others squirm. I mean, even Anal CUnt has a band! By “mattered” do you mean “relevant” or as I correctly refer to it, the hipster douchbag”this came out before my pubes did but isnt ironic yet” fucking version ogf the word TRENDY. The new bomb turks music will live on forever…JUSTLIKEEVERYTHINGELSE from Beethoven to Mar Gormley!!! Its called the internet and people can listen to what they want! Go shave your neck SMELLY!

    • jimi

      If your yardstick for mattering is higher than getting Buckeye Donuts/Blood Bowl on MTV your priorities in life are all askew.

      • Sickofhaterz

        I have no idea what that means?!?!? SO are my priorities Ok? Does it have anything to do with the New Bomb Turks or that mindless hater I was attempting to debunk? Didnt think so. Now have merely cursec me into looking up “Buckeye Donuts/Blood Bowl” on that there internets. Im from Michigan, is that anything like Krispy Kreme??

  • Uhhhhh, where are they playing? There’s no reference of date or venue in this post. Ravari? Summit? Bueller? I’ll figure it out I guess.

  • Scratch that, I found it.

    • Robert Duffy

      fixed, thanks. whoops.

  • Lance

    Funny…The Buckeye Donuts/Blood Bowl reference, I believe, was to a video NBT made got played on MTV a number of times, called “Girl Can Help It.” It’s on You Tube. Good comment, that one…