SXSW Music Schedule Now Live

Hit it!

Remember: this is subject to change and as we’ve seen in the past, it WILL change, but this is a good start to those hitting up SXSW next month.

Anything look incredible to you? Leave a comment.

  • barrett

    wow…looks like i have to waste an entire night at emos just to make sure i get in to see the sonics. lame. could this have not been at a larer venue?

    oh yeah, echo and the bunnymen at the rusty spur? amazing…

  • DAC

    Sucks that Jimmy Webb & The Webb Brothers are on Saturday night. WHY?

  • Josh

    Is the Central Presbyterian Church usually badge-only?

  • DAC

    Everything on that list after 8pm requires a wristband or badge — or has in the past. Usually, if there isn’t a line of people with badges/wrisbands, you can pay $20 cover to get in venues.

  • Jay

    @barret – The Sonics are the only ones who have a time scheduled (8:00 PM), and their myspace says 7:45. Maybe they are playing first on the bill? So rather than having to hang out INSIDE Emo’s all NIGHT to see them you will have to hang out OUTSIDE Emo’s all AFTERNOON to see them. That would suck too if true, but at least you can leave after their set and see more music elsewhere.

  • HeySXSW

    3oh!3, Katy Perry, Meat Puppets, Andrew Bird, and Ben Harper Thursday Night at Stubbs, Super stoked!

  • toddc

    Is there a music torrent of all the artists yet?

  • special guest for the hotel cafe show at the parish has sarah bareilles’ website when u click on it as of tonight. i think lenka might have been added today as well, didnt see her before. also if u type in third eye blind they are now showing up, and it says sat night at stubbs, even though it doesn’t list that when u click on stubbs. i think stubbs friday night has been confirmed today by sxsw, not sure when they will list it.

  • D

    Heartless Bastards???

  • rob

    what about THE DAMNWELLS?

  • Damnwells are doing at least one day party but no official/sanctioned/night SXSW showcase.

  • Miss South Dakota 1994

    Are badges required to see performances at the convention center “cafe”?

  • Miss South Dakota 1994,

    yeah, they are, but the other convention center performances (like the DirectTV broadcast, if they’re doing it this year) are usually wristband and badge.

    Eee, Camera Obscura at Central Presbyterian? I’m already freaking out.

  • @jay- you’re not going to be able to stick around at Emo’s outside from the day time into the night time show, even if the sonics are first. And, keep in mind, two years ago the Buzzocks (followed by the Meat Puppets) were the first two bands outside at emo’s. so, its entirely likely that the sonics will kick things off at 8pm.

    regardless, emo’s — and every other venue doing day shows and night shows — is required to kick everyone out before the night shows open. so, you’re better off just getting outside of emo’s in the line early (if you don’t have a badge) around 6pm and camping out. when the buzzcocks played, all the badges got in before their set and wristbands were generally let in partway through the buzzcocks set.

    that’s all i got.

    • Jay

      @Marc, yeah, when I said “outside” I meant literally stay in line outside of the building (not admitted) at Emo’s. Not be admitted for a day show at “Emo’s Outside” and loiter. ;) Sorry for the confusion.

  • keith

    Has anyone heard if the band Thursday will be at sxsw? I know they’re playing in san antonio that weekend. I’m hoping for a free day show or any showcase with them.

    • HeySXSW

      this guy keith dont know antics

  • toddc is doing an ‘a to z’ list of what they think are the best bands. Nice part is that they’ve got videos of each band.

  • CMF

    I have the opportunity to get one extra SXSW wristband this year, since my brother can’t make it. I’m looking to sell it for $200. Email me at I’m here in Columbus if you want to meetup.

  • bfro

    This is my first time to SXSW. If all the shows after 8pm require wristbands, does that mean all the shows before 8pm do not?

  • CMF

    First off, I already sold my extra wristband – so please no more inquiries.

    You don’t need a wristband for dayshows (before 8pm). However, it may come in handy if you’re at a packed day show venue. There may be a line of folks out the door and they may give priority to badges & wristbands.

  • big boi. austin music hall thurs 3/19.

  • i love LENKA, she has a soft, mellow voice and she has very relaxing songs :

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