Super group (?) to debut at SXSW

How the hell do these people get together to form a band? I mean, I guess you can play connect the dots to a certain extent – Bassist Adam Schlesinger (Fountains of Wayne) and guitarist James Iha (Smashing Pumpkins) co-own a studio. And Iha undoubtedly is a Cheap Trick fan which is where drummer Bun E. Carlos enters the equation. But, prey tell, who invited Taylor Hanson to the party?

Eh, whatever.

This group (is it “super”?) is calling themselves Tinted Windows and will play at Pangaea on March 20 in Austin during SXSW week.

(creds: for the scoop)

  • Hipster

    I’m thinking this could be really good. But if it’s just ok and everyone starts saying it’s “so much better” than the Pumpkins I’m going to flip.

  • Maura

    Adam Schlessinger and Billy Corgan have been close friends of Hanson for years.

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  • If Mr. Bun E Carlos is involved…count me in!!!

  • whaaaat

  • nibbler

    if a member from hanson was in the group then it would really be super.

  • Mmm Bop

    Nibbler was kidding, but that really is the lead singer from Hanson. If you want to go, you should get there early. Pangaea keeps people waiting in line on purpose to make it look “popular”. Plan to spend 30 minutes to 1 hour in line. When you get in, you’ll see the place is not full and wonder why they kept you waiting.


    Pangaea does that on normal nights, but it won’t be their door guys at SXSW and it won’t be like that… it’s a new venue.