The Onion AV Club SXSW Day Show 2009

The AV Club always puts together one of my favorite day shows during SXSW.


FRIDAY MARCH 20 @ Radio Room in Austin, noon-6pm

Trail Of Dead 5pm
Ra Ra Riot 4pm
Cut Off Yr Hands 3pm
Gentleman Reg 2pm
The Thermals 1pm
Cuff The Duke 12pm

Future Of The Left 5pm
Parenthetical Girls 4pm
Dappled Cities 3pm
Young Galaxy 2pm
Chikita Violenta 1pm
Ohbijou 12pm

  • I’d like to RSVP for myself and Rob Slingerland. We both have music badges. Thank you very much and see ya there!

  • holy canadian content – 1/4 of the bands are canuckles. tangent – ohbijou are wonderful.

  • nibbler

    fuck badges

    • MagazineTriffids

      Fuck Folk who moan about badges.

    • quibbler

      dear lord…

  • HeySXSW

    last years was pretty fun..

  • mike

    it says “no badges required”

  • phil

    That flier doesn’t say anything about jackets. Are jackets required?

  • nelmzie

    do they let donkeys in?

    i dont understand why people care what other people do. unless someone comes over and knocks your beer out of your hand or blatantly disrespects you then who cares…. grow up people. show up and have a good time and watch some music and stop being a hater.

    • Herf

      Not sure what you’re responding to here, but I share your general sentiment. Ain’t nothin’ but a party!

  • Shawn

    Ain’t nothin’ but a gangsta party!
    Picture perfect, I paint a perfect picture with my hoochies in precision my attention’s to get wit’ you with S-N-double O-P, Dogg my fucking homie you a cold ass n*gga on the…

    This showcase is a whole lot of meh. Hate Trail of Dead, am cold on Ra Ra Riot. Hopefully Pitchfork is better.

  • rachel h.

    i’d like to RSVP for myself and elissa f. we’re rollin without badges. and we’re okay with that. thanks!

  • Jonesy

    Sorry kids, this is just a comments section. Your RSVPs are powerless here.

  • Matt D.

    Future of the Left will make you absolutely change your “meh” reaction to this list. go see them and find out.