Download: Times New Viking’s Velvet Underground Show

times new viking

Yesterday, Wes Flexner posted his review of the Times New Viking/Velvet Underground show. We had one song available for download, but you can now download more or less the entire set over on Pat Radio.

Play List:

Psychedelic Horseshit:
Sister Ray
Stephanie Says

Times New Viking:
Run Run Run
I’ll Be You’re Mirror
I’m Waiting for My Man
All Tomorrow’s Parties
Sunday Morning
Venus in Furs
I Can’t Stand It Anymore
Pale Blue Eyes
Here She Comes Now
After Hours

  • Poop Foot

    OK, now I understand why they normally bury their sound in a shit ton of noise…when you can actually hear them sing (ahem…) & play (cough) you don’t really want to. A total disservice to VU.

  • Boogie

    Poop Foot = Fail

  • Boogie = Stale

    • tina

      so what have you done with your life? why the hate? YES WE CAN you mo fo

  • Just because you CAN doesn’t mean you SHOULD.
    I’m just representing an unpopular yet honest opinion – no hate here.
    I guess the truth hurts? Better put some tape noise on over it.

  • tina gould

    wow, a tough guy posting his opinion on the internet.

    too bad you hide behind a fake name!!!!


  • Why are TNV fans SO defensive? Not everyone can love bullshit…shitgaze…whatever. Some tough guys actually still like the music in their music. Did you host an Obama rally or something because that’s already over and done…


    • Tim

      “…still like the music in their music.” – agreed. The Emperor’s New Viking is not wearing clothes.

  • Q: How many TNV fans does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

    A: None. They can’t hear so why should they see?

  • tina gould

    I am just curious as to why someone would take time to go out of their way to trash a band on the internet. I know it’s nothing new, but I just thought I’d try to understand better. Based on the amount of times you’ve posted, I’d say you’re on a crusade. So that means you probably are in a band that no one cares about, or you are a washed out musician. Or both. Please let me know who it is Mr. Anonymous?

  • Q: How many TNV fans does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

    A: None…no one will admit that it’s burned out.

  • Your logic is dizzying!

    Internet crusader = obviously washed up musician/bandie

    How do you know I’m not an just unemployed music snob?
    Why are you trying to rain on my crusade?

  • anonbesay


    You been clocking a 48 hour shift here trying to mock a sold-out show by a critically acclaimed band. That’s kinda sad bee.

  • Poop Foot

    Aw, don’t bee sad for me B…I’m not a brainless follower with no concept of sound.
    And I’m not much for popular = good anyway, never have been. Sorry that you are. Do you like fascism too? Because that used to be really popular also…

    • anonbesay

      Fascism will always been fashionable because it’s sense of composition and composure, dunndunn.

  • tina gould

    if i think a popular band is bad i dont spend 2 days trashing them.

    if i were to do this, it would mean i am jealous that my washed up career is over. why else would i waste this time? you didnt deny it.

    seriously think about it

  • Poop Foot

    I am in total denial of your accusations…my career actually just began with the sharing of my ugly, but true, opinion. In fact, you are wrong. I have no connection to the music business except that I often listen to music that I enjoy. If people here are able to give praise to something they enjoy, why then should I not be allowed to share my distaste for the same said thing? Especially when the praise, to me, seems undeserved? I hope you respond again. I really, really do. I’d like to spend the week here.

  • tina gould

    I imagine many people don’t like this. Many people don’t like many bands. What else is new? But you’re attacking them so much, it’s now at the point where it’s awesome. Anonymous washed up musician. I imagine you are from a Columbus band that might have been big in the 90s.

  • Poop Foot

    Dear Tina,

    Your imagination far precedes your actual knowledge or understanding of reality, which is not surprising considering your comprehension of this open dialog. You know not who I am nor should you care. My real beef is with the Matador label which has obviously been overrun by deaf madmen. What’s up Matador? All rights have certainly been reversed.

    Eat your ham.

  • anonbesay

    you not like tnv. i mean it’s only helping them in a tiny way that has an accumulative equity.
    i am just wondering what your problem with fascism is.
    charles lincoln rockwell is my favorite closeted homosexual/public speaker.