Cursive: New Album, SXSW Appearances

MP3: From the Hips by Cursive

Ever since I saw them in January, I’ve once again caught Cursive fever. Their set was great, and after giving their new album a listen, I’m back in. Their new album is released physically next week, but you can purchase it today at Saddle Creek for only $1! After today, the price increases a buck every day until release. (Seems like the Saddle Creek website is getting pounded right now, so have patience)

Cursive’s official SXSW show is 3/20/09 @ 1am at Radio Room. Click here to see the shows they’ll be doing while in Austin.

The band is also on Twitter.

  • Yes. Cursive is back, in a big way.

  • BIR

    Nice, genuinely excited about this CD. I went through the website and ordered the CD with Mp3 download..Still waiting on email instructions for download? How long is that supposed to take?

  • Josh

    Are they still playing Thursday afternoon’s Brooklyn Vegan show?

  • Yeah i ordered the cd online but no info on download as of yet. boo.

  • BAIR

    I had to email them and it took half the day to get it taken care of (download that is). Email link to download failed 3 times. Finally took a different route.. Me likey..