New U2 for $3.99 @ Amazon MP3 Store

I’ve yet to form an opinion of U2’s new album, No Line on the Horizon, but I will say that getting the MP3s at Amazon for only $3.99 is an easy way to get onboard without much of a financial commitment.

The band was on Letterman last night (and they’ll be on the rest of the week):

  • bcd

    very smart move on their part for a couple of reasons:
    1) i think there is a correlation between lower price, downloads, and payment. i think more listeners would purchase music legally if the price was in line with what consumers thought was a proper valuation. iTunes $9.99 albums and Amazon’s $8.99 albums tried to do this, but fell short. i think Amazon’s last music sale over the holidays probably gave them a lot of data on the price/value/payment matrix. i know i bought a lot of $5 music during that period.

    2) U2 signed that massive 360 deal, which i imagine pays them more for concerts than for CD sales; lowering the price of the CD will attract future concert ticket and t-shirt sales.

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