3/5/09 SXSW Updates: Hot Freaks, Filter, Energizer, More

Like previous years, donewaiting.com’s coverage of SXSW is once again being sponsored. For 2009, we’re happy to have Energizer’s Energi to Go product onboard. It’s a device you can plug into smart phones to charge them up on the go using Energizer batteries. Definitely helpful for events like SXSW. They’re also on Twitter and Facebook. I’ll be helping them give out stuff during SXSW, too. But I won’t be wearing the bunny costume! (maybe we can get Chip to do that…!)


  • DJ Shadow has been added to the official SXSW schedule.

  • The Hot Freaks schedule has been posted. It features some of my blog friends so I definitely recommend it. (You dont get Christmas cards from blog friends, but you do get help with your Google rankings)
  • Space Camp features Busdriver, Say Hi, King Khan, more more more.
  • Filter Magazine’s threee day event has been announced.

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