3/11/09: SXSW Updates: Metallica, Fader, Paste


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Okay, lot’s going on. Hard to keep up. Don’t forget Showlist Austin and SCHED* for all your SXSW prep work.

Have any other things you want to discuss about SXSW? Post it up in the comments. We’re at the 1 week countdown.

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  • Chris

    Anyone hear anything about vice parties? cant imagine they arent having a single one.

  • HeySXSW

    yeah..usually vice is the earliest announcements for party..
    but metallica maybe 2 songs and im OUT.

  • bevis

    when should i make my list? what about punk rock on the lamar st pedestrian bridge?

  • blair waldorf

    well don’t forget about Blackberry’s SXSW showcase.

    Primal Scream and Grizzly Bear, my heart is melting!


  • Chris

    Vice website now says coming soon http://www.vicesavestexas.com/

  • billyp

    I hope Metallica gets machine-gunned by some drunk cowboy.

  • Craterface

    Where’s the CDR showcase schedule?