Columbus Music Scene on Twitter

Twitter is getting a lot of attention in the media lately (well, for the last year+), and I can understand people who are turned off by it. Weird name, seems like a cult, and it’s another social networking service that you need to join. I mean, I was the #1 Twitter skeptic for awhile, but over the past few months I’ve come to learn how to use it to my advantage.

My basic description to people about Twitter is that it’s the live reaction of the internet. You follow people and get instant reactions to what is going on in the world. Depending on who you follow is how valuable your Twitter feed will be. If you follow people who just update you on when they’re going to the bathroom, it’s lame. But by following the right people, you can learn a lot of stuff and digest information in an easy to read format. And if you have a smart phone like an iPhone or Blackberry, there’s tons of applications that make Twitter super useful. For iPhone I personally recommend the free Twitterfon, but there are many others out there. is on Twitter. So is fellow DW staffers Wes Flexner and my wife Kiesha.

I’ve also compiled a list of known Columbus musicians and related Twitter accounts. If I’ve missed anyone, add them to the comments and I’ll update the list.

Columbus Bands and Musicians
Bird and Flower
Megan PalmerThe Receiver
Super Desserts
Johnny Cashola
Bicentennial Bear
Eric Metronome

Columbus Music Venus, Media, Other
The Treehouse
Wexner Center
Promowest Productions
Ben Co Presents
Pat Radio
Clint Reno
Columbus Music Co-Op
Schoolboy Productions
Alison Rose
The Other Paper (not real)

  • Gus Dahlberg

    I think your link for @theotherpaper is actually a fake account used by someone with an axe to grind. Other Paper staffers on Twitter:

    • Motor

      The Other paper is just a rag for elitists. When are we going to rid ourselves of their selective over-advertisement?

  • lyndsey teter

    For now, The Other Paper Twitter is actually run by a venomous, anonymous stranger.

    But that doesn’t make it any less fun than it would be if we ran it.

  • KittyM

    The Other Paper doesn’t maintain a Twitter account–writers have their own @s:

  • lyndsey teter

    Now I sort of want you to put it back up. :'(

  • b.miller
  • sheena b
  • Jeff

    I would love for you to add my band The Top Heavies. We are also on Twitter. Thanks for your support.

  • lyndsey teter

    Just discovered because of a work glitch, I can post as Lyndsey on here. Mwhahah!

    (this is Jenny Wray — if you are desperate to find me tweeting away, I’m at, but I promise to not provide any insight into the inner workings of our mag)

  • What the Rock?!

    For some rock and roll trivia, check out


  • lyndsey teter

    that’s effed up.

    why so many impostors?!

  • musichasnoface


  • Andrew Patton
  • old3cman

    Columbus label Old 3C Records on twitter —

  • Emily

    We have a twitter!!
    And our pals the Blastronauts have a twitter! and Karate Coyote: Coyote and This is My Suitcase:

  • Will Kenworthy

    Colin Gawel has a twitter stream that’s always entertaining:

  • Ariel Stobaugh

    This is one of the pleasant surprises of browsing/surfing or whatever you want to call it. You can simply find something that matters or at least entertains. I want you to know that I value this.