Cam’ron-I Got It For Cheap.

My neighbors put a lock on the wireless that I was stealing from them.
So I have not been able to update my blog.
So here is what Cam’ron action I missed.

YouTube Preview Image

In previous videos Cam sold drugs in Ohio after picking up the work in Chicago because he couldnt find employment.. The above video is the “I Got it For Cheap” (Prelude) has Cam paying back his supplier. Cam is met with a little rudeness. Which is kinda wack cause he brought his supplier an extra tenstacks. I guess his boss felt like Cam was showing him up or something.

The bottom video is the the actual clip for “I Got it for Cheap” (no pusha t)where Cam breaks down how good at selling drugs he is. And points out the results for this talent.
I guess he sells drugs in New Zealand(no dead c) and smokes blunts with Barack.

YouTube Preview Image

Cam is rumored to be playing in Columbus really soon.
Kid Cudi @ Skullys May 9th is rumored to be cancelled.
Oh Yeah. And Vile Gash demo sold out the day it went on the Youth Attack site.(no making angry andy happy)

  • you ignored that he murders a woman in this video!

  • Billydeewhitehall

    I love the dedication to this crap on here.


  • Kats

    its what underdevelopment + overcompensation looks like

  • Mu-mu-muh-Malcolm

    It sounds like some commentors on this page actually have the gall to suggest there is better rap out there that donewaiting should cover…? No way. Not a chance. Shame on them. They’re just not getting it at all.

  • wes flexner

    i live in columbus ohio.
    i go outside my house.

  • id rather read about cam than cross over-dance-rap any day.

    columbus is still a dip set city.


  • oh yeah.

    and done waiting is still a dip set blog.

  • Highlights-
    Cam is still at it
    Rooftop vibe
    Vile Gash

    Filmed on a cell phone
    That dance at the end
    People that don’t understand

  • Oh yeah, I hope you were stealing Fast Eddie’s internet.

  • wes flexner

    what would fast eddie look up on the internet?
    soundproofing his woman’s tears?

  • Soundproofing Misty needs to be done. There are a number of things he could look up, such as; how to make an apartment smell less like bacon, what is Misty’s problem, what happens when someone eats french fries exclusively, what is that pottery, or why can’t I close and lock doors.

  • mike carney

    I enjoy music. i also enjoy the crazy shit that musicians do, weather that be the music they make or hearing about the guy from some band getting in a fight with a fan, or building an orphanage. my point is, if you stopped bitching and moaning and understood why it is crazy that camron is even able to put out music anymore, you would get a kick out of these posts. i loved purple haze, and some of the dipset mixtapes, but at this point i can take it or leave it. BUT after his beef with uhh, everybody, and him ripping off everyone he made music with i am amazed to see him making music. also, he moved to grove city when all that crazy shit went on.

    this is raps version of the end of spacemen three, or the begining of spiritualized.

  • ismokeweed

    did he not get carjacked in dc a couple of yrs ago? plus someone might have been shot.

  • wes flexner

    he got shot. but kept the car.
    he may have shot himself for all we know.
    which would actually be cooler.

  • tom

    whenever i tell people that story, i just tell them he shot himself. i like that version better.

    dipset all day every day.



  • Billydeewhitehall

    nice – just pay for the internet connection.

  • Mu-mu-muh-Malcolm

    Cam’s life is interesting to watch unravel in a pornographic sense (e.g. ODB – r.i.p). If only the beats were nice like they used to be. It’d probably all sound better in the right car, club or system…in any case, its really not just between dipset and dance-rap shit, is it?

  • wes flexner

    Cam’ron is on the covr of XXL.
    He is making music about his stay in Columbus.
    It newsworthy

  • Mu-mu-muh-Malcolm

    All true. You gotta cover it. Its a bonus for you if you like it too. And I generally look forward to your posts, even if I scratch my head at some of the embeds. Peace.