The Final So What Wednesday

So What Wednesday, the weekly Hip Hop night at Bourbon Street will be coming to a close tonight.
Here are DJ Detox’s parting words.(the night was named after Daymon Dodson aka So What)

Rest In Peace Daymon Dodson Racist Joe So What!

The night’s been goin on for 2+ years now thanks to the support from the people of Columbus. Both from the many people that knew Daymon and some who didn’t. When it comes down to it, I feel like Big Daymon would have wanted it this way. Holding down a weekly for 2years in Columbus is no easy feat and i feel like all in all its been a successfull night. Better to go out on a high note than to burn out, Nahmean?

Big thanks to the many cats that have been helping with this nite since day ONE! Wes, Blueprint (ya’ll held it down and helped out with the nite every week strictly for the love and I appreciate the fuck out of it). Adam, Alex, Witzky and all the rest of the bartenders that have helped out with the nite. Pos2, LoZone, Rare groove and all the other djs the came out and helped. And all the regulars that showed up every week and partied with us. Shits been a blast and I expect tonight to be no different. Hope to see some of ya’ll (who can) out!

  • didnt get a good chance to go to this lately but thanks for keeping it going!

    rip daymon