Bird and Flower: New Website, New Video, Midwest Tour

Sunken Treasure Records, an extension of, is releasing the debut album by Bird and Flower in May/June 2009. There’s all sorts of activity before that, though.

Let’s see if we can list it all.

- New website created by GoLampo
- Bird and Flower now on Twitter
- Facebook, too.

Brand spanking new video written and directed by Sam Craighead and filmed by Paul Rentler.

(Name all the cameos in the video and Eve will surely give you a Charm’s Ring Pop.)

Bird and Flower’s first ever tour with Jordan O’Jordan:

March 27th – Surly Girl, 10pm, free! Columbus OH
March 28th – The Pretty People Pad in Dayton (1842 Wayne Ave.) with State School, 8 pm
March 29th – Tiny Core House in Urbana, IL (511 W. California)
March 30th – The Ball Hall in Chicago, IL ( 1621 N Kedzie 3, Chicago, IL 60647), 8pm
March 31th – Jordan’s dear friend Liz’s house in Ann Arbor (436 S. First St.), 7:30pm

  • tina

    i like this… good to see videos that are FUN…… why so serious other videos?

  • Tulips

    Defently, i think what you are saying couldnt be said better.