Pocketful of Sunshine @ Rumba Cafe (Friday night)


Remember a few years ago when Dave Grohl wrote an insane metal album and invited all of his favorite singers to sing on it? Probot. A little outside (okay, a LOT outside) of what he was doing in the Foo Fighters, but it was the kid in him just letting loose and making the album he always REALLY wanted to make.

Longtime Columbus drummer Paul Abbott (Woosley Band, Karma Farmers) has put together his own little Probot-like project that he’s named Pocketful of Sunshine and the players on the album (Target Audience of One) are a veritable Who’s Who of the Columbus music scene.

Just check out this list of singers who appear: Two Cow Garage’s Micah Schnabel (“Ultimate Mixtape”), Celebrity Pilots’ Chris Sheehan (“Are You Still Lovely?”), Earwig’s Lizard McGee (“My Favorite Star”), The Sun’s Chris Burney (“I Am the One”), The Spikedrivers’ Jesse Henry (“Get With You”), Big Back Forty’s Sean Beal (“Season of Giving”), Chris McCoy (“Undone”), Happy Chichester (“Easy Does It”), Ugly Stick’s Dave Holm (“Same Train”), Tim Easton (“Next to You”), and Megan Palmer (“Tumbleweed Rover”). Seriously … SEAN BEAL???? CHRIS McCOY???? When was the last time either of these guys sang on a record?

With the talent involved on this album – the talent that Abbott was able to pull together – it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this collection of songs are all amazing. Sequencing is a huge thing and kicking things off with “Ultimate Mixtape” was absolutely the right move – it’s nice to hear Schnabel doing something different than what he typically does with Two Cow Garage. The title of the song is actually a perfect description of this CD – Abbott is the only person to appear on all the songs and if you’ve ever met Abbott (I sat at his table at Duffy’s wedding reception), you can just imagine him jumping up and down saying, “I CAN’T BELIEVE I GOT TO WORK WITH ALL THESE PEOPLE!”

I’d love to say I have a favorite (or favorites) and that one or two maybe would have been better off on the cutting room floor but not only is this Abbott’s dream line-up, it’s mine as well. The only thing missing, from my point of view, is appearance by one of the Spurgeon (Greenhorn) brothers. But, really, that’s the only thing missing as far as I’m concerned.

Just about all of the singers who appear on the CD will be performing their song with Abbott at the Rumba Café Friday night, the exception being Megan Palmer who won’t be able to join the festivities. My guess is that this is a once-in-a-lifetime event (though I could see a repeat performance at Comfest), so check it out if you can.

  • Gonzo

    I had the chance to hear this whole project as it progressed from the very beginning, from the first basic tracks that were recorded down to each song’s completion. Where it started out and where it ended up sounded like 2 different records, but it was very cool to hear each track take shape. This was a really cool concept that I always wanted to do with the locals, but I have something Pauly doesn’t: ADD – which keeps me from focusing on any one thing for more than a minute. I’m glad he buckled down and was able to see this whole thing thru the right way.

  • thefiercelime

    I’m bummed that it looks like I’m going to miss this. Heard a great track from it the other day. They working me too much this weekend. Sigh

  • Derek DiCenzo

    hey for the record i want everybody to know that most of the singers will be backed up by Paul on drums and myself on bass and Brett Burleson on guitar and Happy Chichester on keyboards(we’ll switch around just a bit). I’m writing this partly because Brett hasn’t been mentioned in any of the media coverage and we’ve all put a pretty good amount of effort into pulling this off tonight. So cheers to Brett and wow i can’t wait to play tonight.-derekD

  • Derek, certainly no disrespect intended to any of the musicians playing on the CD or at the release party. EVERYBODY who played on the record did a fantastic job – there’s not a song that I skip past.

  • I was so happy to be part of this project and really honored paul asked. Wish I could have been there tonight but I am sure the show was amazing… love the tunes on this record! way to go mr. abbott!!! see y’all at comfest. xoxo

  • Ron Copenhaver

    like megan, i was so glad to be asked to be a part of it. i’ve known paul for about 7 years, give or take a few, and i’ve always wondered what kind of music pauli would do on his own. i think this album is exactly that.

    i’m proud of him for continuing his music post-Woosley band and, pauli, anytime you need some “wheedly” guitar, just ask, bro! ;-)