Psychedlic Horseshit’s [Expletive] Interview With Washington Post

Matt Whitehurst’s interview with the Washington Post music blog is pretty much required reading. During the course of the interview, Matt rails against music journalism, the industry, Wavves, Vivian Girls and other targets while being asked to buy cigarettes for underage girls and smoking joints with some dude.


We made “Wavves Suxx” t-shirts with it spelled S-U-X-X. We got tons of people taking pictures with us in those. People are all into it. And actually Wavves came up to our drummer and our drummer had no idea it was Wavves. And Wavves took like six pictures with Rich with the “Wavves Suxx” t-shirt on. So, you know, that little [expletive]’s probably into it or something. And is probably like, Oh, it’s like hip-hop, man!

Just about every response is a highlight, so you’re better off just reading the whole thing. It’s also fun to count how many times the writer had to take out the profanity.

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  • oh, matthew…too much. best article ever. the comments on the post are even better.

  • douche.

    • Robert Duffy

      there is more to life than hating in the comments section of donewaiting all the time d00d. just sayin’

      • there is more to life than donewaiting in general buddy. check yourself.

  • tony envelope

    Matt is one of the few dudes i look up too

    • Douche leading the douche…

    • so what you’re saying is…you have no one to look up to now?

      • tony envelope

        matt and i put our real names next to the words we say

        • do you also touch sticks and cross streams?

        • btw, yr real names mean dick/balls to me right now. so I’m really glad for that.

  • ramirez

    This is a great interview. I’ve been digesting it since I read it last week. dont’ be jealous poopfoot, I’m sure the Washington Post has you next on their list of interviews. but I’ll interview you now.
    What was the first single you released?
    What lable was it on?
    Why do you make music?
    Do you hate all bands or just locals that are tasting success?
    Thanks for your time.

  • billypeake

    Yeah, I don’t totally agree with everything Psychedelic Matt says in the article, but you have to admit, he’s got some serious onions and I admire his conviction (even it confuses me sometimes). And he’s funny as hell.

    I still like TVOTR a lot though.

  • This pile of [expletive] douche-fest just keeps getting taller. I hope they leave their crap all over the world so that we may step in it.

  • wait a minute? is this PH band a comedy act? I didn’t realize…my apologies. you’re right, he is funny! it’s so funny. OK, I get the joke now. smear shit on tape = funny.

  • tina

    here we go again! the #1 washed up ex-musician spending all his time attacking a successful band.

    old age must be a bitch!

  • poopfoot is my real name. don’t be shitty.

  • Wes Flexner

    poopfoot is a coward.

    • Wes Flexner is a failed writer.

  • and here’s real name tina, protector of everything full of shit. successful bands with managers can handle a little poo poo on they shoe. tell yr mother I said hello.

  • Wes Flexner

    how i get so fly? don’t think blogging.

    • fail

      • Wes Flexner

        poopfoot….you got me thinking about about myself.
        damn i am proud of me.

  • captain obvious

    you know IP addresses are stored in comments for the admins, right? it wouldn’t take much to cross list the IP vs where the person is posting from (their work, residence, whatever) and their potential posts in the message board to figure out pretty quickly who is behind the account.

    • omg, burn them at the stake! witch hunt! you stupid douche.

  • Wes Flexner

    that would imply effort.
    plus i could see someone getting fucked up just by anyone on some why not.
    and it ain’t that crucial.

    • exactly why I’m not worried. now shut up and get high.

  • Wes Flexner

    don’t smoke weed.

    • meth then.

      • wes flexner

        naw..i have always hated crystal meth culture

  • Robert Duffy

    What is funny is that the comment by poopfoot around 9:30 am: “there is more to life than donewaiting in general buddy.” and yet he has been posting comments all day over here…

    Which is fine for my stats and advertisers, so I don’t really mind.

    As for IP addresses and figuring out who it is, well, let’s just say that I’m pretty upset about what I learned.

  • Then you know I just like to stir stuff up.
    It’s done out of love…let’s call it tough love.

    Stats and Ads bro! It’s all about the Hamiltons baby.

    • Robert Duffy

      i wish this was true

  • I went back and read thru this whole deal once more and I’ve decided you all are being very precious and pretentious concerning Columbus’ hometown heroes. This is exactly what I was trying to evoke in you so congratulations. Here’s the only quotable text from said article: ”

    Great interview, very entertaining, but wow – such a reminder of how idiotic, arrogant, and self-absorbed these indie musicians can get. Who does this guy think he is? What’s even funnier is that all of these bands mentioned are really talentless and will be quickly forgotten.

    Yeah, music has a business aspect, so what? What does that have to do with anything? I just wonder how this guy could be so completely unaware of the confrontation between art and economics that others have experienced way before him over the past 100 years. Our most treasured filmmakers, novelists, painters, etc. have all struggled between expression, popular appeal, and doing whatever necessary to enable them to continue doing what they love to do.

    This guy sounds like a trust funder, somebody who’s never had to pay his own rent or figure out how the world works.

    Posted by: jtk231 | March 27, 2009 5:20 PM ”

    Now there’s a writer…

  • antonio

    the only thing i find amusing from the whole rant is that a person who drew the ire of others for being successful is now pissed off at someone else’s success.

  • wow…don’t get so worked up, ph are still going strong and putting stuff out, which is a testament to matt and his muse. only if you knew the whole story. my horseshit book and the reunion tour both come out next year, april fools!

  • Interesting…he doesn’t seem to make any consistent points. He says everyone should make music and do crazy stuff but then says people suck and shouldn’t be making music because they are just poseurs? He would love to be indie rock superstars but then goes on to complain about music being a commodity and doesn’t care if people like PH. Sounds mainly like having a deep conversation with a wild drunk.

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