Cam’Ron in Columbus Show Review

photos taken by Danielle Kline

Cam’ron was gone from Columbus so long he had me thinking about Brian Shaeffer..never met him but thats my…nope not ever.. So Cam’ron’s return to Columbus the stage was a big deal.

So big that bigger hip hop blogs like Nah Right & 2dopeboys picked up the Grips coverage cause Cam’ron really hadn’t performed anywhere in a long time.

I know some of y’all are kinda boring. It’s all good I’m sure Duffy got some nice people music to put up soon. Or there will be some sort of recap of a bunch of shit I didn’t go to. Maybe some rock history.
15 years ago when Kurt Cobain passed I was drawing his name in the Suicidal Tendancies font during in-school suspension.

Regardless a full explanation of the importance of Cam’ron returning to the C-O and review after jump.

I was looking for Cam’ron’s wiki so that I would’nt have to type his history. Ended up with this instead—–>Cam’ron
The above link says that Cam’ron is an open relationship with his lifelong friend Toy Hawkins.

Do you think Cam’ron is cool with doods who fuck “Toy”?
Like think about that. Even if you don’t know who Cam’ron is..
Go to the depths of your timid graft mind and conjure your greatest fears of Hip Hop grotesque negativity. And then imagine humping that guys girl cause he is in an open relationship.

“Hey Cam, this is Wes.”(Toy speaking)
‘What’s good Wesley?”(Cam speaking)
“Not much Cam. I was thinking about hitting Toy from the back. Maybe cumming in her mouth.”(Me speaking)
“Word. Thats peace. Just know that I love her.”
“No doubt Cam. ain’t trying to violate that. Suck it or Not is my anthem. I really feel you on that one.(No Homo) I don’t love her. I am just fucking her. Who am I to get involved with your relationship?
Thats your business”

Of course Cam isn’t cool with that. I am guessing it means Cam’ron does degrading things to other women. Tells Toy he makes love to her.
And intimidates any males friends by introducing them to 9 trey Bloods fresh out of Riker’s Island..

I mean the man once said “no one is gonna pay you like you pay yourself”

Dood got his start rhymeing with Big L(RIP) in a Harlem crew called Children of the Corn. Then he signed a 30 million dollar contract with Sony. Made records rapping over the theme to Magnum P.I. , Sportscent and Night Court. Some point he got into a shoot out with ODB at music conference.

Cam got out of his contract with Sony by threatening to kill Tommy Mottola or some shit. Signed to Roc-a-fella so he could use them to build his brand Dipset.
Went double platinum while spending a bulk of his time in Columbus.
Decided that Jay-z wasn’t treating him right. Got himself dropped. Used the fame to get rich off indie records on Koch.
Started war with with Jay-z. Pranked phone called 50 cent. Got himself blackballed. Parted with his lifelong friends Juelz Santana & Jim Jones.
Continued to rep Columbus thru all of this.

So I doubt he would think my open relationship joke was funny.
But shit Dood is wild as fuck and loves Columbus.

Q-Nemesis opened. DJ Giovanny dejayed throughout the night. Fly U backed up Giovanny.
Solo hosted.

The place was packed. I was little embarrassed with the amount of white people that showed up. I am not ashamed to be white. And really it’s a tribute to the strength of these blogs that 60 white people showed up to a venue they used to never fuck with.
Between this and Sweatin our group of friends can definately say we affected things.
And I mean in a post–rappers/noise/hardcore/artrock all hang-out so 2004 pat-on-the-back. I mean now we are changing the social make-up of the club world.

But one has to think it wasn’t exactly what Cam was expected to see when he made his Columbus return.

I mean it wasn’t all white folk. The sizable club was packed with Bloods and people from Britney Hills. Cam’s core audience is still the hood. And the Jim Jones rocker look was in effect mode.
I saw a cat wearing an Ed Hardy Jacket that said “Punks Not Dead”, with the liberty spike image screened on it. .

It was the night of the Ice Breaker, which meant a lot the downtown club audience was at the LC or Club Ice. Cam had radio adds but the push wasn’t as an official Ice breaker event. So hopefully the 60 whitefolk at 20 dollars a pop made more sense.
Like how Get Right makes sense on First Friday.

Cam took the stage to “I Really Mean It”. He had a bunch of red hats that the tossed into V.I.P. to “Cookin Up.” I did’nt throw bee’s to the red parts of the song because I am not soo-woo. I am not anything.
But it alter my enjoyment if I were to partake.

Back to the show..
There was a large man wearing a blue hat there that stood next to Cam the whole time.
He held a red hat in his hand. I could’nt tell if his job was to watch Cam or protect him.

I did enjoy yelling “Since Dana Dana I have made it rain. Now the Benjie’s turn to Paper Planes”

Between the Exploited rip-off jacket and MIA reference then its not that far off that these hipster and bloods share the same room.

If we could just get a photo of Cam going hand to hand selling Matt Whitehurst or Chris Lutsko coke then the cypher would be complete.

Cam followed up with “Down & Out”. Thats the Kanye joint that he shouts Columbus on.
The sound was kinda shitty but I mean this is Columbus.

Cam did 10 seconds of one of his biggest singles “Oh Boy”, and then cut into “Suck It or Not”. He dedicated “Suck it or Not” to all his ladies.
Seriously, Killa cut off one of his most popular songs with the females to play a song with premise that Cam has been selling crack all day, and now wants a blow job.

The best part is some girl was going line for line with the song on-stage. Eventually Cam looked at her and smiled. She got embarrarred.

Cam then did two versions of “Bottom of the Pussy Hole”, a song apologizing for taking advantage of emotional vulnerable women off his new album “Crime Pays”. And then “I Hate My Job”.

The crowd slowed a little so he rocked his remix verse for OJ Da Juicemane’s “Make the Trap Say Aye”. Columbus is amazing for knowing every line from a mixtape joint.

Cam played “I got it for Cheap” off “Crime Pays”. He finished with his new Columbus anthem “I Used to Get it in Ohio”.
From the beginning “Thinking of Guy Fisher never met him but thats my n###a ” to the end of the last chorus the crowd went line for line.

It was beautiful.


We dipped out. There was a police car with red rag tied on it outside.
I have to say having the rap game so blood heavy is keeps the tension down because if it just bloods then blood doods are stoked.

I mean imagine if you are a blood and the famous guy onstage is a blood, then whats to fight about?
Finding out a performer is vegan a former graffiti writer or skateboarder always stokes me. Similar principle.

  • bro

    Was this review cosigned by hipster runoff? Bro!

  • when i lived on summit and 11th and summit and 9th back in the day.
    there was a dude who hung out in 4th and 8th/ kellys carry out area that was in a wheelchair.

    i always saw him in the neighborhood.

    fast forward a few years to club obvious: jim jones live on the certified gangster tour. i see dude there. tight. the short is feeln the same shit i am.

    five years later i see the same dude, to the nines, at the camron show and go line for line with him. minus the “n” bombs. i used to and still do get it in ohio.

    where were the hipsters on certified gangster tour? (actaully it was the release party)
    i dont know.
    i didnt see them.
    and you can be goddamned sure they weren’t at “from me to you” show at club envy.
    do you even know where club envy was?

    we taught the hipsters to like this shit.
    if i where a slob id say soowoooo here.


  • Robert Duffy

    i mean sometimes we put evil music for questionable people too

  • oh like kristilnacht?
    now theres a band!

  • james

    i thought the alive said this show wasn’t happening?

  • I heard the DJ said the white people fucked up his set.

  • Twistan

    A paler shade of white.

  • wes flexner

    bro-i dunno know what you mean. i am cool with hipsters. i mean they like to pay attention & live life. hipster is just beatnik, hepcat or hippie.

    martin-the short is crip now. i wonder how they reconcile lil wayne, dipset & gucci.

    james-dood from the alive called me when i was getting my little brother off the bus. my mom & stepdad were out of town because my mom was being treated and i was playing nanny. i told him what i knew. i nothing to do with his blog or martin’s blog.

  • yeah i wonder what i would do if were crip?
    that would make music real hard to listen too, i guess.

    i still need to get a photo of that short north jungle tag over by 4th and 8th.


  • Joel

    Some of us are boring? This entire post was boring as hell. No one cares what you were doing 15 years ago or why you were with your little brother on the bus. Sounds like a terrible show and a terrible time. See you Saturday when you sell me some records.


  • mike carney

    Joel, why is it that you are mad?

  • carney are you under the weather today?


  • wes flexner

    don’t act like a snotty model. you just hit the lotto.

    in my tahoe!!!

  • Wait!
    carney won the lotto!?!?!

    holy shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wes flexner

    yeah he is buying us all go-carts.

  • mike carney

    im sick. sinus infection. gross out.