YeaBig/Kid Static & Envelope @ The Monster House Tonight

Yea Big/Kid Static are a rap group from Chicago that are trying to make sense of the hipster dance rap that the Cool Kids, Kid Sister and Flosstadomus have made their city known for but at the same time showing a definate glitch Prefuse 73/Flying Lotus tendancy. Kid Static’s flow sounds kinda awkward but I mean who could sound fluid over a hybrid of two different styles of electronic music. Especially when a “real” hip hop vibe prevails.
Awkward Party rap will prolly go over well @ bike punk haven Monster House.
Awkward, rapping, bike riding fan of Columbus punk, party animalEnvelope is performing backed by DJ Detox also.
I can’t see how this rare Hip Hop house show doesn’t end up being memorable. I mean the show deserve attention on the merits off of ..when have you ever seen a all-hip hop house show?

Yea Big vs. Mae Shi-Party Steady

Kid Static vs. Matt and Kim-Good Ol Fashion Nightmare

  • Nice writeup, sir. I unfortunately was asleep for this show. How was it?

  • Mike

    This show was a waste, all the acts were disappointing. Who ever has been booking at the Monster House lately has been doing a terrible job. All of the shows have featured dull and unoriginal bands.

  • wes flexner

    what was dull about it mike? the dancing or the drunken envelope performance?

  • actionman

    Anything but dull – free show on Sunday night, what is to complain about? Even the 2 opening acts had the girls dancing. It was my first time seeing Envelope perform in a house-setting, very fun!

  • Ron

    first act was hilarious. second act got old after a while, dance music isnt really my thing. yea big +kid static killed it. not sure how mike called their set boring, damn near everybody in the room was dancing. he must not have even been there. envelope was funny for a minute, then i just kind of felt bad for him. drunk and making fun of himself, kind of sad.

  • james

    Mike – If you want to book a show for us email me at