The Black Keys/Other Girls in Columbus Tonight

photo by Envelope

I heard the Black Keys are doing a free show at Skullys tonight.
What? Thats ignorant. Didn’t they sell out promowest last time?
And Jack Daniel’s is giving out free brooze to boot.

Cleveland Audio Eagle Recording artist the Other Girls are opening.

  • Joel

    What is ignorant? That makes no sense at all.

    • wes flexner

      joel was molested by a boring man.

  • mike

    these jack daniels things are legit girls gave me ten drink tickets when the walkmen did one of these

  • schoolboy

    if you don’t get there by 10, ya probably won’t get in at all

    JD gave out 1500 tickets total… which is almost X 2 what Skully’s can hold

  • James

    So where do I get tickets, or do I just show up?

  • Laddan

    You could just show up, but you also could just be too late. Tix were selling on craiggslist for $150 apiece, last I checked.

  • project_k

    what a joke…shouldn’t the amount of tickets distributed be somewhat tied to the capacity of the venue? no, no that would make too much sense…let’s give out twice as many and watch all the suckers wait in line all night and never get in.

  • Flickind

    I was one of those suckers with a ticket that waited for an hour outside before I finally gave up. Showing up an hour before the show just wasn’t enough – what a cluster f*ck. I’ll never go to one of these ‘invite only’ shows again. Although listening to the other folks in line hatch their half-baked plans for sneaking in was mildly entertaining. If the girl with the 5inch heals and mini-skirt ending up scaling the 4ft fence around the smoker’s patio, I truely missed something magical…