The Black Keys Last Night

(Pat Carney of Drummer & Chris Lutsko of the Unholy Two of pose for a picture after the Black Keys show at Skullys. I lied to them and said it was for a men of Ohio indie rock calender that the proceeds would benefit upcoming victims of the Swine Flu. Jared Phillips declined to be in the nonexistant calender.)

I had to work before the show so I didn’t get a chance to get to see the opening act. I work at Magnolia Thunderpussy next to Skullys. So what I did observe was a line that started at 4pm which wrapped well past the Milk Bar and all the way down 5th.
I think every single person that picked up free ticket showed up.
Outside of a club rap show, I don’t think I have seen this much excitement around one band.
Ohio loves TBK.
I got there around 945 right when the Black Keys went on. Seeing a band as large as the Keys in a small venue like this is always amazing. Doods busted out “10 Am Automatic”, “Strange Times” & “Psycotic Girl”.
I don’t recall every song cause I spent the bulk of my time trying to convince girls to buy both DJ Detox and I drinks.
I would tell them Detox was sad because it was his birthday and no one remembered it. Then the girls would ask him about it.
He would tell them he didn’t know what the fuck they were talking about, that was I was lieing to them and look bewildered.
For some reason the girls would still buy us drinks.
After getting the drinks, the next move was trying to ditch the girls which was difficult because the room was so packed and no one wants to move out of the way when they are watching their favorite band.
So you then would just have to act like the conversation never happened.
Jolly goodtime. Amusing oneself while The Black Keys play loudly in an esctatic, intimate setting is perhaps the best way to spend an evening.
Pat shot the shit with us for awhile but declined going to Hendocs with us because the engine of his car had just exploded so he needed to get to Akron.

  • Robert Duffy

    Got there at 9pm and was already a long line (which went past the parking lot).

    By 10pm we still weren’t inside, and the opening band had already played. I think they hit capacity around 9:10.

    We were about to give up and then Wes Flexner came in and we bypassed the line Entourage style (I guess I was Turtle).

    We watched the show from the front bar. Rather, we listened to it from the front bar. The sound there was actually good, and the Keys are handsome but I didnt need to see them. +2 free drinks and I’ll call the night a success


  • Robinson

    How did I miss this SERIOUSLY HOW!!!


  • Billydeewhitehall

    way too crowded

  • S O D O M Y A N D L U S T

  • gel & weeve

    gel & weeve
    gel & weeve.

  • Waylon Inman

    I pissed in the corner of Skullys because I didn’t want to lose my spot.

  • Wes Flexner


  • love that shit!
    r kelly n shit………..

  • Wes Flexner

    i peed in a beercan at a more than music fest because i didn’t want to miss any of shellac’s performance.

  • Kirk Kline

    this was the most packed that i’ve ever seen skully’s and it was suuuuuuper obnoxious

    i got there at like 9 or so and saw duffy and groundrules and they were about 10-15 people away from letting people in

    i made my way in because lines aren’t/blogger status and attempted to go out back to smoke-that wasn’t happening because there was basically no place for anyone to move to let me through-motherfuckers gettin super shitty…went back out to the front patio and they wouldn’t let me out there because they said it was at capacity

    made it out front like a half hour/45 min later and duffy was in the same spot

    i know of at least one person that just hopped over the patio fence or whatever and made it in

    i saw like one other girl’s song, not enough to tell you what they were about

    the keys sounded awesome

    bottom line-this show was not nearly as cool as it could have been due to the nuts to butts factor

    also it was hot as fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck

  • m.

    why didnt you just crowd surf?

    • wes flexner

      how many keys in an ounce?

  • Twvistan Shvan

    Nice shirt, Lutzko.