photo taken from some random girl’s blog, Suzy 234

Maybe I am getting old & out of touch but I have kinda thought illegal Columbus graffiti bombing had strongly decreased.
Seeing Skum replacing PBJ as the posterboy for the news’ annual spring graffiti hysteria report pretty much confirms not much is going on in my mind.

Don’t get me wrong, Skum is really amusing to me because the moniker conjures the backdrop in like an 80’s vigilante movie or someone who might’ve threatened Crocodile Dundee or the robot from Short Circuit. So the idea of Skum written on things prolly should bother people.

Anyway…ladies & gentlemen!

Channel 6 & Channel 10

For bonus fun, read the saga of Shred’r NBR on

I guess Channel 4 figured covering swine flu was enough and passed on all of this.

  • i fuck with skums handstyles……

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  • james

    When will we just wall off THE OSU CAMPUS AREA from the rest of this non-entity and fully enjoy our perversions in the solitude created from a lack of finicky reporters shipped in from the suburbs on behalf of the landed gentry to mitigate our descent into Gomorrah. HM?

    (broken)Rock n Roll


    The city center roils in its self satisfaction.

  • skum

    Yo this nigga is a fraud. I came through Columbus about 2 years ago and caught a bunch of hands with bang dowtown. Now this clown took the name?please don’t tell me he writes sud crew too