Sest ID Cooks Up “Crime Pays” Burner In L.A.


Looks like graffiti writers fucking with Dipset is not just an Ohio thing. The homie Wands sent me this wall by Sest ID repping for Cam’s new album “Crime Pays” out in Los Angeles.

After the jump peep footage of Bucket doing a Cali freeway spot in L.A. with “Reppin Time” by Jim Jones in the background.

YouTube Preview Image

  • BAIR should post the one that matters.–jxUYAI&feature=related

    Him getting arrested for stupidi…….vandalism.

    So is this cool to donewaiting or am i missing the point?

    • wes flexner

      while i find it hilarious dood got 500,000 views on youtube, evidence of dilated peoples house raided, and made national news; that wasn’t my purpose.

      my purpose was that i like the drop shadow off the 3-d on the sest pieces.
      that and how he is rocking some pretty new york looking shit in los angeles.
      more about the letters than anything else.

  • love!

    watched war 4 the other night……
    very inspiring.


  • Ramirez