The Black Swans / Alina Simone split 7″ Red Vinyl Presale

Sunken Treasure Records is an offshoot of We’ve been releasing albums for a long time, but this is our first vinyl release.

The official release date is 5/19. Edition of 500. We’re doing a pre-order for 50 of the red vinyl (the bands have the other 50). We’ve got two options:

#1. $5 + $.250 shipping week of 5/19.
#2. (For Columbus Ohio Area Residents) $5 and pick up at Lost Weekend Records (2960 N High St) around 5/19. You don’t have to pay for shipping!

Click here for ordering instructions. It features hand screenprinted packaging by Alison Rose and a code to download the songs as MP3s.

The Black Swans and Alina Simone will be performing together in NYC on 5/21 to celebrate the release. The next day The Black Swans are playing Brooklyn with Essie Jain.

5/21 Union Hall Alina Simone/Black Swans – Brooklyn, New York
5/22 Bruar Falls Essie Jain/Black Swans – Brooklyn, New York
6/13 Treehouse Black Swans/Parker Paul – Columbus, Ohio


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