DJ Pos 2’s Ohio Hip Hop Comp

Pos2 with Blowfly at Magnolia Thunderpussy.

Columbus Hip Hop mainstayDJ Pos 2 recently curated an Ohio History Comp for bigtime backpack website Philaflava.
All you Ohio music nerd/historians should give it a split second because iono..its Ohio history.
Hip Hoppers should rejoice that he offered up the 3ms joint that the “Hold the Floor” instrumental was originally made for.

Read about and Download: Triple Crown Classic Ohio Hip Hop Comp

  • whats good dj Pos 2’s, my name is malik i have a record label in columbus,oh, and i have a artist who just finish a mixtape and i am trying to get some feedback on the music and i am looking for a dj to host the next mixtape, so looking foward to hearing from you and working with you