MP3: Kid Sister-I’ll House You

MP3: Kid Sister+Treasure Fingers-I’ll House You(Reebook Classic 09)
MP3: Kid Sister+Treasure Fingers-I’ll House You (Reebok Remix 09 Instrumental)

1991?: Hated Hip House cause it had not enough curses and I didn’t dance. Didn’t wear Reeboks cause it was either Tims, Skateshoes, Nike’s or Patrick Ewings.

2006: Kid Sister was in town my dood Dirtnap tried to get his hollerz on but the promoter Skoolboy skooped her up and took her Hounddogs and then dropped her off at her hotel.

2009: Kid Sister & Treasure Fingers do a version of Jungle Brothers’ “Ill House You” for Reebok.

  • schoolboy

    haha… actually we partied all night and i dropped her straight off at the airport. she had an early flight cuz she was opening for pearl jam that day @ lalapalooza.

    chick can party

  • wes flexner

    rofl..before partying i am curious about the hounddogs experience…
    what kind of pizza did you eat?
    does she put ranch on her pizza?

  • weed$teeler

    she tried to party with us….like on some extra man in the background type shit….defo left her at skkkullys…….

  • wes flexner

    i’d give her a chance if she was vegan.
    i mean she can rap.

  • schoolboy

    we got the smokin joes, spicey sauce, with garlic sauce on the side for dipping
    most of these chicks are vegetarian… can’t remember if she was or not
    i remember her brother ordering the toppings, but we went there to try the spicy pizza
    beforehand we had grabbed 3 flasks from my house, and ordered a pitcher of sprite when we got there
    so by the time the pizza came an hr later, i was officially smashed

  • wes flexner

    good shit scoobs…
    ryan harkins and i once went to houndogs at 7 am. coerced the waitress to buy us a six pack from gas station so we could drink it in the booth like true vargants.
    may have scammed garlic bread maybe

  • schoolboy

    hounddog stories are great