Meta4ce On MTV2 Quarterfinals Vid

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Meta4ce “embarassed the bum” on MTV2 Sunday. The Columbus rapper is on his way to NYC to compete in the World Hip Hop Championship’s Semi-finals.Stay tuned here & to MTV2.

  • weed$teeler

    you man…were dying over in the weedsteeler offices!
    meta ripped him!
    shit is hilarious !

    …”you an old man!”


  • Billydeewhitehall

    Shit is stupid.

  • wes flexner

    meta4ce is one of the smartest people i know.

  • weed$teeler

    when he goes all the way……

    cant wait!

  • DJ Nyce

    yo meta4ce ripped him a new one. definitely one of the best unsigned emcees in the game. quit screaming that dizaster shit. he’s dizasterously garbage. met4ce for the win!!!

  • schoolboy



  • cashola

    rofl at this shit. had me dying…

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