Cue the Pete Rock Horns…

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of Camu Tao’s death. Memorial day BBQ’s in Columbus poured out a little liquor and T.R.O.Yed the fallen Columbus Hip Hop supernova.

Pos 2 posted on an unreleased S.A. Smash song on the Weightless message board with this description:

…it’s an unreleased sa smash track from smashy trashy. to my knowledge this was one of the 1st recordings for the lp. przm gave me a tape so we could listen to it in the car of some of the songs they had recorded. it was fuck you 2, jerezyed out, and last night…the one with the led zepplin sample. not sure why it did not make the cut, but it’s a great track.

the quality isn’t the best. the highs are a little low. and you can here pops from time to time to where i am guessing when przm taped this, he just had it recorded to high

MP3:S.A. Smash-Fuck You 2

  • schoolboy

    see him friday june 12th @ skully’s

  • wes flexner

    at least clarify metro so this isn’t weird.

    • schoolboy

      would think that’s a brainless given

      but now i see metro wasn’t mentioned in this article.. thought he was my bad

      • wes flexner

        metro from s.a. smash will be performing at skullys with mr. lif. june 12th i think.

        the internet can be a confusing place.

        • schoolboy

          yeah… it was dumb of me… feel pretty stupid now

          have been working 12+ hr days, and my brain isn’t fully functional when i get home

          had literally just gotten home after going in @ 8