Homage Clothing Gets a Shout-Out During Cavs Play-off Game

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TNT’s Ernie Johnson bigged up Columbus T-Shirt maker Homage Clothing before game three of the Cavs-Magic play-off series.

Morrissey and Mick Boogie been rocking Homage as well

Homage Clothing is available locally at the Milk Bar and prolly some other places..

  • its always exciting when something out of columbus gets shown love.


  • hanmanjr

    Going with the throwback era theme, check out Larry Morrow’s cut, “Come On Cavs”, from 1974 here: http://www.nba.com/cavaliers/news/gotta_make_it_happen_030909.html . Never surrender. Gotta Make It Happen!

  • ryan vessler is a great guy, and it’s so great to see him doing well at what he’s best at: making sweet t-shirts that people love.

    great job man!