4-20 Now Available at Finer Establisments

There is a new monthly publication available at The Wexner Center, Milk Bar, & Ladybird that was conceived and created by Big Marty and Shawn aka dem Weedsteeler boys aka the same people who brought you Vomitrocity, divisive internet behaviour, Hipsters & YP’s liking Gucci Mane & Dipset, influential flyer design, and I got most of my friends real jobs.


Martin Weiland describes their new projects as thus:

this project is a purely masturbatory, monthly, joint effort between shawn and i, that we use to make ourselves think/ work/ design outside of our comfort zone and outside of the way we do on a daily basis in a professional setting. we put it together in one night (the cover title). there are no revisions. the first attempt is what gets sent to print. that is the main unifying concept of the series. the content is made up of images that are collected and created through the month, up until the night we lay the book out. the series deals with many ideas, including, but not limited too: making “poor design choices” , the enlargement of color, humor and inside jokes, ideas of copyright and ownership, creating new realities, digital vs. manual, experimentation with objectionable images/symbols, the internet, the corporate work environment, predicting the future, modern forms of communication, and the ideas of sale-ablity and un-sale-ability.

For more infro go to the Wexner Center, Milkbar or LAdybird.

or check the internet

Martin Things

(full discloure I am in the 3cb and PBJ art collectives with Martin and/or Shawn_

  • chris


  • brenton r.r.

    i love all the covers they do!
    when does the new one come out?
    i picked this one up at ladybird! it soooo weird!

  • ………….thanks for the plug wes!

    the next one will be out shortly brenton



  • kanai_getuh_sipodat

    it’s odd that people can put out obviously sloppy concept and design work with infalability. irresponsible bullshit is not art. it makes one question how credible they actually are as artists in the first place.

    ps – since when is PBJ and “art collective”?

    • thumbz out

      PBJ may not be an “art collective”, but i’ve got more cred than your punkass does.

    • ns solider


  • thumbz out


  • kanai_getuh_sipodat

    there was a great bit of writing in the men’s bathroom at the blue danube a couple wall-buffs ago. it was a list that said “all time idiots with paint” and there was a couple historical artsits and someone added in “PBJ” in the top 5.


  • irresponsible bullshit is art and my goddddd has it gotten me far in life!
    if i was gonna be a rapper about shit i would talk about my bank….but thats tacky.

    im sure your just some washed up dude with an mfa/bfa who cant even show locally.
    we international.
    holler at bangkok. holler terminal 5.

    they got that from columbus they got that from me.


    • kanai_getuh_sipodat

      it’s odd that someone with an obvious deficiency in actual talent (and such a loose grasp of reality) can speak with such authority on the topic of what IS or ISN’T art. what’s even more astonishing than that is that you (someone who is clearly uneducated in any discipline) would put your work against someone with a masters.

      i wouldn’t wipe my ass with this trash.

      this is international? no, this publication is locally distributed on a small scale.

      also, who got what from columbus and how did you manage to infect the rest of the city with it? do i need to go to the clinic to get myself tested?

      • weed$teeler

        everybody knows me.

  • sodomy and lust

    art is art is art is art.
    i think it cool that people are doing something like this in the 614.
    i wish our art scene wasn’t so pretend here.
    i mean the short north is nice and all but its not cutting edge at all.
    what was the last good show anyone saw done there?
    its all for suburban women how like to think they like art.
    ill support anything that is new and different!

    keep um come’n boys

  • fillet of fish man

    i’m not sure how i feel about these i saw the feb. issue at milk bar.
    i kind of feel like these two guys are just trying to get there rocks off.
    but i guess that is what art has been about for decades isn’t it?
    ill have to go check out the new issues i guess.