Twitter Meets Graffiti

Some Graffiti writers thought it would be funny to “Turn their Swag On” via writing “Twitter” style status updates on walls this weekend

cecil is naked

chuck cheese



ender twitter

No all writers are techsavy though.

This confused Ender, who asked the question, “What the fuck is twitter?”.

Bonus coverage: Get Right’s Johnny Cashola explains the best way to get rid of Mormon’s at your door on his Facebook Status update today.

  • weed$teeler

    i like this!


  • Joel

    why waste our time with some crappy scribbles on the wall…these people should stick to spray painting crap on their own buildings.

    • im more into lighting peoples cars and churches on fire, this is hardly vandalism.

  • wes flexner

    two words.


  • Mike Roast

    that was amateur, this is much better twitter graffiti and pretty well executed, I must say:

    good luck w/ the cops on this one!