MP3:Meta4ce-Monsta Musik

MP3:Meta4ce-Monsta Musik(Unmixed)

Columbus rapper Meta4ce came a step closer to winning a million dollars  on Sunday. MTV2 aired his second battle. He slayed dood. (we are still locating the video but you can watch the video of the first battle  here on donewaiting).  The above MP3(Monsta Musik) off of Meta4ce’s upcoming mixtape, has Young Meta describing the horrible things that he is capable of, very rabidly.

Meta4ce needs everyone to vote for him by texting Motv to 99134.

(there is a dollar fee for this text)

  • weed$teeler


  • Billydeewhitehall

    nice photo retard

  • steve

    i just bought the new single from The Used and its SICK! its called “blood on my hands” and if you havent heard it yet you need to go to RIGHT NOW and listen….ive seriously had it on repeat all morning lol

  • wes flexner

    billy dee..
    some reason i think you like jambands.

  • nah…. im sayn hes bumpn the shit outta the new em record…. and not cuz hes pretending hell rell ghost wrote, naskidameenie?

    whitehall stand up.

    only bexley is real.

  • Mmmmm

    He’s a good rapper. The beat is kind of stinker – like a preset on endless drum machines and DAWs.

  • jojo

    the mp3 link is fucked