Celebrate Amerika with The Spits

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MP3: Wouldn’t Wanna Be Ya
MP3: Let Us Play Your Party

When I heard that Seattle’s The Spits are dropping a new LP – their fourth – on the 4th of July, I smiled… That smile was brought on by a couple of different reasons. One – I, like many others, thought there might never be a NEW Spits LP, since the band went on a hiatus due to some of it’s members moving to different cities and getting involved in other projects. Two – there is no more appropriate band to celebrate our great country’s birthday with then The Spits. Why? Because to this humble fan The Spits are what America is all about – taking back alleys, playing parties, drinking beers and being weird.

To those of you who are not in the know, The Spits play the most basic type of punk rock, reminiscent of the great Ramones with a splash of new wave and a whole lot of FUN! The perfect soundtrack for a killer party gone out of control. They bring it live as well. I’ve seen them play a show at our very own Bobo Street where those in attendance, myself included, would not let them of the stage until they played every song that was yelled out at them. So if you get a chance, shell out the dough at the door and never look back. Also make sure to pick up all four of their self-titled LP’s and a singles comp called 19 Million AC. You’ll thank me later!

The Spits were gracious enough to answer some questions for us via e-mail. Also they attached a killer track Wouldn’t Wanna Be Ya from the new album for us to enjoy (link above). So, here we go!

You and Sean are from Kalamazoo, MI originally. When and why did you guys re-locate to Seattle?

Sean and I had been traveling the country for a long time, separately and together, working as dishwashers and just seeking our fortune in general. When we landed in Seattle in the early nineties, the city had just the right combination of music, chicks, mountains and thrift stores. We knew we had found our new home.

When and how did the Spits start?

Well, Aleks, it was your classic “Boy meets girl, girl loves boy, boy goes to college for degree in 17th century French literature, boy drops out of college, girl leaves boy, boy hits girl, boy goes to jail for assault, boy gets out of jail and goes on 13-day vision quest with the Ayuhuasca shamans of the Amazon, boy starts band, band turns music world upside down and single-handedly rejuvenates punk genre, girl wants back with boy, boy sleeps with girl one more time and then sleeps with her sister in girl’s house and videotapes it, girl becomes murderous with rage, boy goes on long tours with band in Europe and U.S. to stay one step ahead of vengeful girl, boy blah, blah blah….” We’ve all been there.

You guys were on hiatus for a while. What were you all up to during that time?

Well, the Spits have gone through many personnel changes over the years and also gone through periods of isolation and reflection. We’ve had periods where all we did was huff ether, and we have had times where all we did was hunt raccoons and pheasants, but during all these times we have continued to play shows and with the reunion with original Spits drummer and cofounder, Lance Phelps (who had been doing some work for the government in human/extraterrestrial relations since he left the band) we are experiencing a golden age of creativity and productiveness that resulted in our new album, which we just released ourselves on our label, Thriftstore Records.

How did the new album come about? When and where was it recorded?

This new album is the result of two years of work. All the members of the Spits live in different states, so progress has been slow. We have recorded all over the world, including a cleaned-up Meth lab in Michigan, a renovated factory in Kalamazoo, Swami studios in San Diego, a studio in Seattle that no longer exists, a barn in France outside of Toullouse, and a house in a shitty neighborhood in Portland.

Why are all your LP self-titled?

Actually, they all have titles, we just don’t tell the public what they are. One of the albums is titled “Cogs Inside the Dreams of the Sleeping Robot’s Mind”, but I can’t tell you which album that is.

Can we expect a tour from you this year or anytime soon?

We will be touring part of the U.S. around August and September on our “Mutants” tour.

How does the current economic crisis effect the Spits? Whould you still play my party for a case of beer these days?

Luckily, Aleks, booze, prostitution and music are all immune to economic rise and fall. As far as playing your party, have you listened to the song? Both versions? Do you know what we are going to do to your house and friends and relatives and pets if we play?

Sure, we’ll play for a case of beer, but the price you’ll pay will be much more…dire.

We all have our own idea as to why the world needs the Spits…. Ummm…. What’s yours?

Yes, the world needs the Spits, but only a small percentage of losers, underdogs, and misfits WANT the Spits. The world needs the Spits because the world needs to learn how to party. The losers of the world understand the Spits because we speak for them.

A message to your adoring fans eveywhere….

Sorry about your taste.

A message to the playuh haters….

We’re gonna fucking get you.

PS: My thanks to JG and Mindy for letting me take over their lap top to deliver this piece to the masses! I wove you!!!