New Times New Viking album “Born Again Revisited” out September 22nd

I got bored of searching for images of people I know dancing at the Hi-Five or Red Zone and/or vandalizing property and I came across this on

From the Matablog announcement

Times New Viking delivered the master recordings to their forthcoming LP/CD/digital album ‘Born Again Revisited’ (OLE 860) on a Video Home System cassette. Addressing the mountain of constructive criticism they’ve received from self-styled musicologists wanna-be producers and persons with my initials, the Columbus based trio promise their 2nd Matador album (and 4th overall) features “25% higher fidelity”, a percentage our own engineering staff has confirmed after hourse of exhaustive laboratory tests.

Matador also gave up this new MP3:Times New Viking:No Time No Hope.

If this makes your really happy that Columbus’ champions have a new record coming out…. Go to Bourban Street & stair at them while they drink.

Matt Horseshit, Golden Birthday, & Techno Prisioners are there playing tonight

  • john

    Man, these guys really put the “shit” in “shitgaze”.

  • digyaself

    they put the “hit” in shitgaze.

  • Ramirez

    This song has gotten me all excited

  • L.A. Dodger

    so, since Jay Reatard stole the ‘release-all-the-tracks-as-7”’s-then-compile-it-for-the-l.p.’ idea from Adam before he could do it and TNV got big, and now TNV stole the ‘release-it-as-an-audio-VHS’ from el Jesus before they could finalize it, does that mean el Jesus will get big?

  • weed$teeler

    you put the gay in shitgaze

  • actionman

    watch for my new album available only as a .doc file on 5.25″ floppy disk

  • weed$teeler

    lauren hospital already did that in the late 90….

  • best shit around

    el jesus should still do it…you sold out of your last 12 inch from revolver.
    everything helps each other in the end.

    employable punk rock remains jobless

  • red_menace

    ya’ll is stoopid… somebody should do an album in cave paintings…