Sometimes I Confuse Band of Skulls with The Dead Weather

Band of Skulls:

The Dead Weather:

I think this is the problem with listening to too much music. (PS – I like both bands)

  • wuss

    sometimes i confuse Place Of Skulls with Dead Confederate.

  • Twisan Shvan

    Already loooooooooooooooove the Dead Weather.

    Excited to see Band of Skulls at Summerfest.

    And seriously….Jack White owns all of you. You are all Jason S’s. And you know it. That’s why you’re all pissed off all the time.

    • Robert Duffy

      i am all jason stackhouse’s?

  • Twistan Shvan

    You mean Jerry…

    I mean’t Jerry too. You’re all sixth men with former hops.

  • Twistan Shvan

    And a surprisingly developed shot from beyond the arc.

  • Robert Duffy

    i mean tru blood

  • Twistan Shvan

    Well I didn’t mean Jerry anyway.

    I did mean Jason, but not Stackhouse. Had to look that guy up.

    The um Von Bondies was what I was referencing.