Envelope Is Performing @ CD101 Summerfest

Cd101 summerfest just got wavy . Envelope won the contest of public opinion. Oddly enough, he may be the only rapper in Columbus that truely follows the traditional formula of blowing up in his city. Neighborhood backing—->Crews—->Rocking the Party—->Record Sales—->Radio play.

(Granted radio play is on CD101 not 107.5, record sales are at indie rock stores not hoodspots, the party is either at Skullys or Bourbon Street not Icon or Club Ice, the Crews are BSA, Thought Set, Weightless instead of the Bloods, and his neighborhood is Clintonville not Livingston Ave. )

Too Short, told y’all:”Get in where you fit in”.

Anyway ,Envelope will be performing on @ the LC alongside Matt & Kim,  Stellastar —-who has some song that isn’t about spatial intelligence or night vision—- called Graffiti Eyes,Black Joe Louis and Honey Bears,the Living Things, Band of Skulls,  and Company of Thieves.

Tickets are 5 bucks.

Good job Columbus.

  • Jill Ebenezer

    cue billydeewhitehall grumbling about rappers…



  • Artful L.A. Dodger

    I saw Tony Envelope acting emo at an el Jesus show.

  • BillyDeeWhitehall

    ‘Sigh’ (that’s not me at 8:15 am)

    Cue “Jill” spouting some ignorant shit she doesn’t know anything about.

    I say things on an artist-by-artist basis. I voted for Envelope.

    Jill – it not just rap music in general. I like ALL kinds of music, hell I’m even checking out Jay Z, Knux, Q-Tip, Kool Keith, Pharcyde this coming weekend in NYC.

  • weed $teeler m.

    Jay Z, Knux, Q-Tip, Kool Keith, Pharcyde?


    you must have built a time machine to the late 90’s!


  • BillyDeeWhitehall


  • weed $teeler m.

    ill give that a miss, since CIM is this weekend…..


  • Jill Ebenezer

    u r a brave mang

  • weed $teeler m.

    dude im addicted to that shit…..

  • tom

    Call CD101 and request “Daydream Nation” now!

  • Damn I’ll be in Mexico…

  • BillyDeeWhitehall

    I’ve heard daydream nation a few times already

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  • They say gangsta rap is dying. I tend to disagree, it’s just changing forms and merging with new styles. What we’re doing is a prime example. Check out Kryptik – V.I.P Ft. Crooked I, just google it, I don’t wanna spam a link. if far