Flaming Lips return to Columbus


The Lips are coming back to the LC Pavilion, presumably with lots of confetti and a big ol’ bubble, for the first time since the summer ’06 tour with Sonic Youth. (Above photo from that show, courtesy PicturetheSound.) Outdoor show, Sept. 18. Tickets on sale Aug. 8 for about $30.

Wayne Coyne and crew also just released a 3-song EP with the self-explanatory title Songs from the Future Album Embyronic. iTunes, Amazon and Lala all gots it. Is it me, or does “Convinced of the Hex” sound downright Spoony?


Embryonic, a double album, is due out 9/29.

  • i’ve seen them five times. it’s more than just a concert. it’s full-fledged incomprehensibly amazing epic performance.

  • Cbo

    You are so right my man. I have seen them around 10 times all the way from lalapalooza to langarado to bonnaroo. They are amazing. The concert is always different and unbelievable with special effects and blood and spaceships and bubbles and singing nuns. He once gave out red lazer pens to the crowd and then held up a mirror and asked the crowed to shine their red dots on the mirror. AMAZING! See them if you can. cbo.

    • and what about the nun hand puppet singing bohemian rhapsopdy???