Kevin Devine kicks off tour in Columbus (Aug.4)

Before heading out as the opening act on the Get-Up Kids reunion tour (he shoots … he scores), Kevin Devine is doing a week’s worth of solo acoustic dates in the midwest. Opening night of the tour is Tuesday in Columbus where Devine will be performing a “fan’s choice” setlist at the Basement. Pretty awesome if you’re a fan and, for that matter, if you’re new to Devine’s stuff this will be a pretty special night.

Devine got his recording start fronting the emo-ish band Miracle of ’86 before ditching the band to concentrate on a solo career in which the singer channels artists ranging from Elliott Smith to Conor Oberst to Bob Dylan. His latest album, Brother’s Blood, is my favorite of his to date – it sounds so comforting and familiar and yet while Devine wears his influences on his sleeve, you’re not going to mistake his stuff for any of the previously mentioned artists.

No doubt, endless touring with the likes of Manchester Orchestra, Brand New, and KT Tunstall have instilled a strong work ethic on the native New Yorker as he’s spent over 450 days on the road over the past two years (including a few stops in Columbus, if memory serves correct).

Show info:
Tuesday August 4, 2009; Doors open at 7 PM
$10.00 Advance / $12.00 Day of Show
General Admission – All Ages

Opening Artist: Joe Firstman, afortiori

  • This video is so cool, I’m not to sure if I like the song that much, but the video is definitely awesome. My favourite is the girl who says “just till the lease ends”

  • Artful L.A. Dodger

    too bad about his voice.

  • Twistan Shvan

    Hmm…well, because he is a ginger and all I tend to agree with the Artful Dodger (if you are from LA…fuck the Dodgers)….

    But since you pinpointed his vocals (in the usual semi-sentence, one-line, half masturbation style that is so prevalent around here)….what exactly about his vocals did you find upsetting? I mean, yeah, he’s vocally limited obviously….but aside from one handful of local bands he’s not any worse than anybody else here in Columbus. Except he’s a ginger – which sucks. But other than that…you’re barking down your own dick, amigo.

  • Artful L.A. Dodger

    i meant that it’s too bad about his voice, mate.