Silversun Pickups tonight (update: at Dirty Frank’s last night)


The last time Silversun Pickups came to town was for the 2007 edition of CD101’s Summerfest (my favorite in recent memory). The band slayed. I remember being amazed at how Brian Aubert’s gigantic guitar sound filled the pavilion to the brim. All for $5.

At $30, tonight’s show is pricier (tickets still available), but I imagine the new songs will translate just as well live since the formula didn’t change a whole lot from Carnavas to Swoon. Which is fine by me.

Here’s a recent video of the band performing “Panic Switch” unplugged.

Apparently the band also enjoyed some Dirty Frank’s dogs last night…

  • Twistan Shvanikus

    Killer. Way an acoustic set should be.

  • tom of lindsay

    i heard these dudes are big fans of the erin moore heavy pour. i know i am. when is the alive going to publish this year’s list of “bartenders to watch”?